R-Truth Talks Vince McMahon Listening To His Music, Roman Reigns Helping With His Album

R-Truth recently an spoke with Red Hands of Ballerstatus.com where he discussed his music career as well the similarities that the wrestling and music industries share. Roman Reigns has said that R-Truth is "like blood" to him, and R-Truth revealed that Reigns has had some say on his music.

"[Roman and I], we were riding together a lot. He was dictating, critiquing all of my music," R-Truth revealed. "He's actually one of my executive producers helping me fund a lot of stuff. He has his hands in my music. I played it in the locker room for all the new talent in NXT, AOP, Kevin Owens, Street Profits, Natalya, Sasha Banks, the catering people, the makeup people [and] the production people."

WWE has helped R-Truth promote his hip-hop career by covering it on his WWE 24 special. He shared a story of playing his music to Vince McMahon and McMahon's reaction to it.

"I haven't in a while. I have, and I [did]," R-Truth stated. "I take my Bluetooth speaker in his office. I say, 'push play right here,' and he'll take it back and he'll listen. He's a fan of Ron Killings. He's a fan of R-Truth. He's a fan of my creativity.

"I remember one song I did called 'Right Time'. I went and performed it for him after he did a production meeting, and I was like, 'hey boss, you got two minutes? Let me do this song for.' I did, and was like, 'I think you should perform a song tonight.' I went out there before the show started performing the song. He's that open to stuff. He's 'Vince McMahon,' but he's Vince McMahon (R-Truth pounds his chest)."

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