Taya Valkyrie Says It's The Perfect Time To Bring Back Knockout Tag Titles

Taya Valkyrie had her first wrestling match in three months when she appeared on Impact Wrestling, last week. She came up short in her match against Jordynne Grace, but Valkyrie says the blame falls at the feet of someone else, when she joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"I'm just going to say that it was probably [John E.] Bravo's fault because everything is Bravo's fault. He was distracting Rosemary, who was there to be with me as my friend. They weren't even looking at me. They weren't even there. I landed flat on my back on the floor and it was clearly his fault," said Valkyrie.

"He is the reason that I loss the Knockouts Championship in the first place and he's just distracting. He's not all there and he needs a kick in the butt or something."

Valkyrie won her Knockouts Championship from Tessa Blanchard, who has since gone on to become the Impact World Champion. Valkyrie was asked if she'd like to see Blanchard back in the Knockouts division.

"Someone who runs from the Knockouts division clearly is scared of us, and now there's so many more of us. That's ultimately up to her, and if she's done playing in the mud puddle with the boys, then let me know," Valkyrie stated, who then put over all of the new women who have joined the division.

"This is the perfect time to bring back the Knockout's Tag Team Title[s], to be honest. There are so many incredible pairings happening. Just watch what's gonna be happening play out over the next few weeks, and you're going to tweet at me and say, 'You are right.'"

Impact did once have a Knockouts Tag Title, but it was deactivated back in 2013. With so many talented women on the roster, Valkyrie discussed why the tag titles should make a return.

"I feel like Impact management has done an excellent job of making the women an important part of the show. This would be one more opportunity for us to shine. You see that in the way the Knockouts Championship has been carried by some of the most talented women in pro wrestling, including myself, and now we have more and more women joining our roster. I think this is the perfect next step in showcasing why we are the best women in the world," said Valkyrie.

At the upcoming Slammiversary event, Blanchard is the only female in a five-way match for the Impact World Title. Valkyrie was asked if there should be more females included in the match.

"To me, I think the only woman that should have been in that position is me, because we were the first women to ever go one-on-one in the main event for the World Title," Valkyrie said of her and Blanchard. "I think if anyone deserves it, it should be me and I should be in that five-way. I think there are tons of women, when given the opportunity, to be in a tournament?we have so many girls that could be put in that position and be on par [with], or better than, some of the guys in there."

If Impact doesn't want to take anyone out of the five-way match, then they could just add to it and make it a six-way, according to Valkyrie.

"I've never been scared of anything so, of course, I would totally love that [laughs]. But I understand the circumstances, and that I was not there when they had the tournament due to quarantine being super-crazy. But I think if anybody deserves that spot, if they were to make it a six-way, I think it should be me," stated Valkyrie.

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