The Undertaker recently spoke with TV Insider to talk about The Last Ride documentary and other parts of his legendary WWE career. He was asked if there has ever been something that he wanted to do with The Undertaker character that he’s never gotten a chance to do.

“It has always been a collaboration,” The Undertaker noted. “Once Vince had my trust, he kind of let me take this character and tweak it. When I turned into the American Badass,’ those were big chances I took because I felt the character needed it. The character needed a breath of fresh air.

“I feel like I took this character very seriously and didn’t it take anywhere I missed or wish I would have done. I think I’ve taken this character full circle from Mark Calaway to The Undertaker, turning it into the ‘American Badass,’ turning it into ‘The Deadman,’ and back into The Undertaker and Mark Calaway. It’s full circle where I like where we’re at right now.”

Vince McMahon has given credit to WWE producers for “bringing new life to The Undertaker” with the WWE Network documentary. However, a big moment was when McMahon got emotional thinking about what The Undertaker meant to WWE. The Undertaker talked about his relationship with McMahon and his reaction to that scene.

“With Vince, our relationship has far exceeded the boss-employee relationship,” The Undertaker revealed. “I still work for him, but he is a guy who is on the shortlist of those I consider dear friends. It was a little emotional for me to watch him not be able to put into words our relationship because he always has an answer for everything.

“To see him not able to answer the question, it was emotional for me to watch that. I’m not an overly emotional person, but it’s nice to know people have such strong feelings for you when you know how you feel about them. It was a strong moment seeing Vince like that for sure.”

TV Line pointed out that another way to celebrate The Undertaker’s career is for him to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. It’s not clear when that will happen, and The Undertaker kept things secret when it came to who will induct him into the hall of fame.

“I have an idea. I’m going to keep it to myself at this point,” The Undertaker said. “I don’t think I have to make a decision any time soon. I don’t want to give that away because I don’t want him to come up with an excuse not to do it.”

You can view the clip of Vince McMahon getting emotional from The Last Ride below:

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