The Undertaker Recalls Vince McMahon Changing Plans For The Streak To End The Day Of WrestleMania 30

The Undertaker was on CBS Sports' "State of Combat" podcast where he opened up about his career as well as "The Streak". The Undertaker's WrestleMania win streak ended at WrestleMania 30, but The Undertaker said that the initial plan was for Brock Lesnar to lose until it was changed on the day of WrestleMania.


"We had gone back and forth depending on the day," Undertaker revealed. "It changed very often, but it had been that way [with Lesnar losing] for about a week, and I showed up thinking I was going over. I found out about 1 p.m. that I wasn't. It is what it is."

The Undertaker talked about his reaction to Vince McMahon changing plans and his conversation with him about ending "The Streak". He believed that someone like Roman Reigns could have benefited from ending "The Streak" but admits that Lesnar was the most logical choice at the time.

"Obviously, in Vince's mindset, if it's not Brock, then who?" Undertaker recalls. "My biggest concern was I just wanted to make sure that [McMahon] was sure and that's what he wanted to do. I didn't feel like Brock needed it. Brock was already a huge star, and it wasn't going to help him one way or another. My only concern was there might have been someone down the line that could have benefited from it more and that probably would've been Roman later on.


"That's with hindsight being 20/20. But if I was going to get beat by someone, Brock was a guy who had the credentials, I think, to do it and people would be like, 'Um, OK, s–t, that's Brock Lesnar.' That was my biggest deal. I just wanted to make sure that's really what [McMahon] had wanted to do."

"The Streak", The Undertaker says, will always be a big part of his legacy. However, he says that he did not want to set a precedent for using his status to change a finish saying it wouldn't have been right for him to do so.

"Ultimately, the streak is one of the greatest accomplishments of my career and something I'll be synonymous with for my legacy. But at the end of the day, I'm going to do what Vince wants me to do," Undertaker stated. "He created The Undertaker. He gave me the opportunity. Could I have made a power play? Yeah, but seriously, what good was that going to do? What kind of precedent does that send? It just wouldn't have been right."

The Undertaker suffered a concussion during his match against Lesnar. The injury was so bad that The Undertaker admits that he does not remember anything from the match. He says if not for the concussion, he could have made the match a little bit better.


"I just wish I would have had my wits about me so the match would have been a little better and I could have put a little more emotion into it to make it a little bit more special," Undertaker admits. "There's nothing I could do about getting a concussion. That's business and that's the way I look at things."