AEW President Tony Khan took to Twitter today to fire back at comments from fans.

The exchange started after Khan tweeted on signing Ricky Starks following his Dynamite match with AEW TNT Champion Cody Rhodes, as we noted earlier.

“I signed Ricky tonight. He earned it on #AEWDynamite,” Khan wrote.

One fan responded and warned others to be aware of what they are watching, noting that it is a great product but not the same as All In from 2018, and not “for the wrestlers, by the wrestlers.”

The fan wrote, “‘I signed’ not ‘We signed’. Be aware of what you are watching. Yes, it’s a great product. Yes, it’s better than WWE morally. But it is not the same product as All In. Be aware of what you are watching. ‘For the wrestlers by the wrestlers’, it is not.”

Khan responded and said he’s transparent of how the company works. He praised the staff and said he’s in 100% control of everything.

“We never said it’s the same product,” Khan wrote. “I’m transparent on how we work. We have a great group of execs in leadership roles, many are star wrestlers, & I work closely with them, & I’m accessible for all staff & wrestlers. This isn’t a public company, I’m in 100% control of everything”

Khan tweeted more about signing Starks after someone asked him if he was signed before the match or presented the contract after the match.

Khan responded, “After. Legitimately. His performance on #AEWDynamite really did seal the deal in my eyes and on paper and in reality.”

Another fan responded to that tweet and asked if Tony’s father, AEW lead investor Shad Khan, gives him his “allowance before or after the shows when you play wrestling?”

Khan responded and admitted his father gave him the money to start AEW, adding that Shad was rewarded as an investor when Tony and his crew earned a multi-year TV contract with TNT, worth more than $175 million.

He wrote, “He gave me a big check to start the company. I knew we’d have to make a big investment in the business, it was a leap of faith on his part, & it was rewarded when we earned a multiyear tv contract worth >$175M. Thanks for your response. It made me even prouder of what we’ve done.”

As noted earlier at this link, Khan also defended the AEW product in response to praise for NJPW.

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