As previously reported, a WWE developmental talent who had not been on NXT television tested positive for COVID-19. The talent was at the NXT television tapings last Tuesday.

WWE used actual fans at Monday’s television tapings for the first time since March due to the coronavirus pandemic. They consisted of local diehard fans as well as friends of the talent.

Wrestling Inc. first reported that the fans signed waivers at the show stating that WWE wasn’t liable if they contracted COVID-19 and that there could be inherent risk attending the event. The fans also had their temperature taken and filled out a questionnaire. According to Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Radio, fans were not allowed to wear masks in the crowd. They added that fans were told not to come if they were wearing masks. It was noted that the fans and wrestlers at the taping were unaware of the positive COVID-19 test.

WWE was scheduled to tape next week’s RAW and SmackDown today, followed by taping two weeks of NXT on Wednesday. Meltzer noted that while WWE has cancelled today’s tapings, the company plans to tape everything on Wednesday, including NXT.

Talent, production crew and employees at the WWE Performance Center are being tested for COVID-19 today. WWE Associate Medical Director Dr. Jeffrey Dugas stated that once the test results come back, WWE will continue to proceed with their normal television production schedule.