Zack Clayton Reveals Insight QT Marshall Gave Him Before Recent AEW Dark Match

Indie wrestler Zack Clayton got his first taste of a major promotion when he appeared on AEW Dark last month. He came up short in a match with Q.T. Marshall but he talked about the experience when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.


"QT was great. I actually never met him before or spoken to him at all. So, he ended up being a really cool guy, actually. It was great working with him. It was very easy and we did very little effort and planning," revealed Clayton. "It was very simple to work with him. He was a really cool guy and he kept in touch with me. He was the one I was talking to leading up to going to the event."

Clayton just learned of Marshall's documentary during this interview but praised Marshall for taking control of his wrestling story with the doc and sticking with it after almost quitting.

Even though Clayton came up short in the match, he did get some offense in on Marshall. He was asked if he thought the match was intended to be more than just a squash win for Marshall.


"I did and hopefully that was the intention. QT told me that it wasn't just going to be like a regular dark match. It was going to be a chance for me to work and show what I could do and I appreciated that. I told him that going in I really appreciated that opportunity because again, they didn't have to do that for me," said Clayton. "But they did and I really appreciated it and that was just such a fun match to work.

"That was one of my favorite matches actually. It really was because the story involved in it was really fun and QT is funny. The stuff he does is really funny and the story he's got going on is amusing. So, it was really fun."

Marshall has been aligned with Allie over the past few weeks and Clayton talked working with her.

"Allie was great. I love that character that she's doing and the whole dynamic out there with Dustin and Brandi as well. Everything was great and it all worked really well. We were trying to figure out a way to incorporate everyone and I think we did it pretty well," said Clayton.

"It was a great chance to tell a story as obviously that's what we do. But I'm glad it wasn't just like a match. We had a story to it."

Dustin Rhodes was ringside for the match in support of Marshall and Clayton was asked if he got any feedback from the longtime veteran.


"You know, it's the first time I had met him too and he was very outgoing and nice to me," said Clayton. "And that was, again, something I was appreciative of. He said a lot of great things about me. I did ask him some things and great feedback is all that I got from him. So, he's a really cool guy."

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