AJ Styles answered hundreds of questions from fans during his live Twitch stream Thursday night. When asked if he ever envisioned his retirement match and final opponent, Styles brought up the possibility of one of his three sons, Ajay, Avery, or Albey, ending his illustrious career in pro wrestling.

“I’ll be honest, I have thought a lot about it. But how do you know who the opponent will be? It could be Ajay, Avery, or any of my three sons. However, I don’t plan on hanging around that long,” said Styles.

Styles also revealed that the 15-year-old Ajay, his oldest son, was named after his wrestling moniker.

“Initially, my wife and I wanted to name him Allen Jones Jr. However, I read about how same names cause issues with credit reports and legal papers. That’s why we named him Ajay after AJ Styles.”

In the same Q&A session, Styles was asked his opinions about rising superstar Angel Garza.

“Angel is incredibly talented and has all the tools to be a big star. In fact, I guarantee that he’s on his way to becoming a huge star,” said Styles.

When asked if there were wrestlers on the independent circuit that he’d want to see in the WWE, Styles said that he had not kept tabs of performers outside his own promotion. However, Styles revealed his intention to be a recruiter for WWE down the road.

“If I ever get a chance to be a recruiter for WWE, that would be pretty cool,” said Styles.

As reported last week, Styles spoke about his retirement plans and wanting to coach youngsters “get to the next level” at the WWE Performance Center.

Styles, the current WWE Intercontinental Champion, has been making a lot of news recently for speaking candidly about the wrestling business on his Twitch channel. Earlier this month, Styles lashed out at Paul Heyman and revealed his reasons for moving from Raw to Smackdown.

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