WWE Hall of Famer and current member of All Elite Wrestling, Arn Anderson, took to his self-titled podcast to discuss the events surrounding the 2015 Money In The Bank pay-per-view.

During the discussion, Arn explained that John Cena, who was working with numerous rising stars throughout 2015 as part of his United States Championship open challenges, had his own opinion when it came to Rusev’s push.

“Rusev is another guy that I pushed very, very hard for and had many conversations with because [WWE] tried to back off on it,” Arn explained. “The only reason that they didn’t was because John was in favor of it. Rusev went for a year without getting beat. So, the first time he got beat by Cena, it mattered and it meant something.”

Arn also commented on John’s match against then-NXT Champion, Kevin Owens. He says that he wasn’t a fan of the mirrored offense from the two competitors because it could lead to confusion from the audience.

“They did so many bumps, and so many big moves, and so many big things just to get a pop, that they took all these big offensive moves and they neutered them,” Arn said. “Now they are not finishers. Once you take some guy’s finish and you take the other guy’s moves on him, it’s confusing. A lot of fans know what a guy’s offense is and a lot of them really don’t; it all runs together. If I’m doing all of Cena’s moves and he is doing all my moves to me, there is a large portion of that crowd that is going to be confused.”

As noted, Arn recently signed a multi-year contract with AEW as Cody’s on-screen personal advisor, as well as a Head Coach for the promotion. Anderson was released from WWE in February of 2019.

You can listen to the full episode of the Arn Podcast below:

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