WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is using his Twitter account to tease possible stipulations for the match against Dolph Ziggler tonight on RAW.

As noted, the two will now be facing each other in a non-title match with a stipulation of McIntyre’s choosing to be decided right before it starts.

In response to a tweet sent out by WWE, Drew wrote, “I heard someone shout eye for an eye last week”. Obviously, this would be the same stipulation as the Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins eye for an eye match at Extreme Rules earlier this month.

Ziggler would respond to the message, writing, “Make it career for career, coward”.

Drew didn’t give much consideration to Dolph’s idea, but did hint at a match where Ziggler may possibly lose his hair. He included a picture of Dolph with a shaved head and wrote, “I’m booking the territory kid. Tho this image has caught my attention”.

Wade Barrett (Stu Bennett of NWA) would join in on the fun and give his own recommendation on a stipulation, “May I suggest another ‘Kiss Me Arse’ match? It’s what the fans would want.”

McIntyre responded by posting a GIF file saying, “God, you’re weird aren’t you? I mean you’re really weird!”

The last time McIntyre and Dolph faced one another at WWE’s “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules” pay-per-view, McIntyre retained his title. Ziggler got to pick the stipulation for that match, but didn’t reveal it until right before the match began. Ziggler went with an “Extreme Rules” stipulation but it would only apply to him.

You cans see the full tweets below: