Karrion Kross was recently interviewed by ProWrestlingSheet.com’s Ryan Satin where he discussed his debut in NXT with no fans as well as a possible title challenge against Keith Lee. Kross discussed his match against Dominik Dijakovic on tonight’s episode of NXT.

“I think that people are expecting a good match from what I’ve read and what I’ve seen,” Kross said. “I think we are going to surpass what people are expecting to see. Because [Dijakovic] specifically, I’ve never been in the ring with someone with a style like his. Specifically because of his size. He, in my opinion, has a striker’s lucha libre kinda hybrid style.

“Which is crazy because he’s very tall. And I think that the clash of styles is going to make for really interesting chemistry. I can guarantee people it’s going to be a lot more violent than they are anticipating. That much I will go on record to say. Very pumped for people to see.”

Kross and Scarlett made their debut on NXT which received a lot of hype and praise, but it was there was no audience in attendance. Kross talked about how he and Scarlett had been trying to get into WWE for a few years, and they just wanted to make the best out of the situation they were handed.

“When it was happening, I was just so pumped to be there. And I know that she was too,” Kross admitted. “Scarlett I think for ten years has been trying to get to WWE. For me it was six. Just being there, we were on cloud nine. And having the opportunity to contribute, I mean it’s awesome.

We looked at it without the fans as a situation where it’s like, her and I like to be challenged with our work. Because it’s all the better when you have a challenging situation and knock it out of the park. You really feel like you’ve accomplished something. And then when people enjoy it too, that’s like everything. That’s what we’re all about is trying to power through difficult situations to create something awesome for people to enjoy. So that was, in a weird way, kind of the perfect situation.”

Kross had a similar attitude when asked before about not debuting on RAW or SmackDown. He talked about the importance of a live crowd and the fans.

“You know what we do is we feed off of the crowd. That’s why they’re there,” Kross noted. “We didn’t have that. So we trained extra hard. We had our minds right for it. We just went in there laser focused on these are the things that are not here and there’s nothing that we can do about them, we’re gonna subtract that from the equation.

“This is what we DO have, and we’re gonna focus on this and get the absolute most out of it. We’re gonna kill this. That was kind of our mindset for that situation. We wanted to give it to the fans. We knew that there were millions of people all over the world that would see that and we just tried to focus on that to give them the best version of ourselves at that time.”

A month ago, Randy Orton took to Twitter to take shots at Tommaso Ciampa and NXT. Kross commented on Orton’s shots at NXT.

“Well, here’s the thing. He’s funny,” Kross said. “He’s actually funny. I think he’s funny. I find the things that he says funny. I’ve never met him before, but I’m assuming he probably has a great sense of humor and on social media, when I’m reading something, and I learned this years ago, I do my absolute best not to attach my own personal context to what I’m reading. That can happen in text messages.

“That can happen on social media. And I think what happens sometimes is, people’s comprehension of something that is written, the context of it just takes on a life of its own. And, who’s to say, there may have been absolutely nothing malicious about what he said. I don’t know. It’s a jab. Yeah, of course you can see that. But whether it was malicious or not, I would have no idea. So I just wouldn’t assume that it is.”

It has been rumored that Kross will take on Lee for either the NXT North American Championship or the NXT Championship at SummerSlam weekend. However, Kross told Pro Wrestling Sheet that he intends on taking both of Lee’s titles.

“Ya know, I got big pants, and I don’t think one belt is enough,” Kross admitted. “I think I’m gonna need two to be able to walk around comfortably. That’s just where I’m at currently with it right now. I’m gonna need two belts, I think.”