Tonight could be the night where the WWE Universe is basking in Keith Lee’s glory if he were to become a double champion. With his main event match against Adam Cole set for night two of NXT’s: The Great American Bash, Lee admits that he is quite nervous about the outcome, yet hopeful that he can become a two-belt champion.

“I think it’s fair to say that I’m nervous before every match I have,” Lee admitted in his interview on WWE’s The Bump. “I’ve kind of mastered the art of taking that energy and using it towards a better scenario. Yes, I do have nerves, but I feel good about it.”

“You’re talking about making pure history – not only for becoming a double champ but for having two singles championships. This opportunity is bigger than what most people can consider at this point in time.”

Continuing on, Lee knows that a competitor like Cole is going to be hard to face, but with all the trials and tribulations he’s faced making it to WWE, he believes the outcome will be a good one.

“For all the times that I thought, ‘If I could just get an opportunity,’ and ever since, I’ve been given those opportunities. I’ve taken each one and capitalized, but on the same token, Mr. Cole has done the same thing. So, you’re looking at two guys who don’t like to let opportunities pass. It’s going to be a clash, but I’m looking forward to that competition.”

Prior to their match tonight, Lee and Cole have only had one match of their’s broadcasted. That match was from last year during the Worlds Collide Tournament Quarterfinals, where Cole beat Lee to advance towards the semi-finals. Lee admits that weekend was quite a taxing one, but because of that match, he learned how Cole is as an in-ring competitor.

“I think that match was difficult for both of us because it was a taxing weekend altogether,” Lee remembered. “You’re looking at a moment even right now that should’ve been the end. [Cole] has got the ring awareness, and he knows how to escape ring danger. I’m looking forward to seeing now how our styles clash.”

To help take some of the pressure off and to make him laugh a little, The Bump panel found an old clip of Lee wrestling Bray Wyatt back in FCW in 2011. After watching the clip, Lee was happy to comment on how far he and Wyatt have come since then.

“Oh, my goodness,” Lee chuckled. “I think I’m facing Bray Wyatt in that match – I mean, it’s hard to tell. That was quite the experience, and I had a lot of fun. It’s nostalgic to look at, man; coming full circle is an understatement.”

Looking at the big picture, Lee’s career in WWE is only just beginning. After his triumphant debut in the Royal Rumble this year, the sky’s the limit on what’s next for him. For Lee, he hopes he can create a monumental moment, by facing the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre in the near future.

“[If he could see himself facing Drew McIntyre one day] Absolutely,” Lee exclaimed. “Drew McIntyre is someone that I’ve never had a singles match with, but I guarantee you this: he would like to have one with me, because I ran him out of Evolve, and I ran him out of NXT. I would like to make that idea into a match. I think the WWE Universe would enjoy it because he’s a super athlete, he’s not normal. Competitively speaking, this [idea] makes my blood boil.”

You can watch Keith Lee’s full interview here. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit WWE’s The Bump with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.