Luke Gallows Recalls Working With CM Punk As Part Of The Straight Edge Society

During Doc Gallows' first stint in WWE he worked as Luke Gallows as part of CM Punk's Straight Edge Society. He reminisced about that run when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"That was good for me. I was 25-26 and I'm watching a guy who is in the middle of becoming a top draw in the business at that time. He's got a huge footprint in the pro wrestling landscape still to this day even though he's been missing from your TV screen for six-and-a-half years. It was good. It was a good experience for me," said Gallows.

"Punk and I don't talk anymore but at the time we were really good buddies. It was a good learning experience because I was standing ringside watching him have matches with all the top guys in the business, seeing how they did all that stuff and watching the little things. It was a great promo too ? learning to relax and talk on the microphone. I definitely got a lot of that from standing there watching him. So, it was kinda like getting paid to go to college."

Gallows admitted he has no idea if Punk wants to come back to pro wrestling.

On August 1st Gallows, Karl Anderson and many others will take part in an event called Talk'nShopAMania which will air on FITE. The name is a spinoff of their podcast and YouTube channel Talk'nShop and Gallows discussed what fans can expect from the show.

"This event was a brainchild of mine that I [laughs] talked Rocky and Karl into doing. Basically, when we got released it was creative expression ? it was all the stuff we thought was funny and it's a wrestling parody. If you enjoy that and have a sense of humor, if you listen to our podcast and get our sense of humor then I think you're gonna really enjoy it," said Gallows.

"The main event being a Boner Yard Match pitting Chad 2 Badd against his longtime tag team partner of 35-plus years, Sex Ferguson. What was so funny in the making of that were all of the cameos. There were cameos from every decade of wrestling that I've been alive for. It was a lot of fun putting that together and a lot of great people came out and supported it. It's a hell of a lot of fun. If you don't get it, I apologize but if you do I think you're gonna enjoy the hell out of it."

Sex Ferguson will battle Chad 2 Bad in the main event of Talkn'ShopAMania on August 1st. For more info and to pre-order the event please click HERE. Doc's full interview aired as part of a recent episode of our podcast, The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Subscribe to get the latest episodes as soon as it's released Monday – Friday afternoon by clicking here.