Maria Kanellis Calls Out WWE For Releasing Her Two Months After Childbirth

Maria and Mike Kanellis were part of the large number of releases back in April. They have since started their own podcast called "Non-Essential Wrestlers."

On Twitter, Maria called out WWE for releasing her two months after she and Mike welcomed their second child, and she teased that she will elaborate on that some time soon. She added that they were released during the COVID-19 pandemic after she was apparently told that having another child would not be an issue.


She tweeted, "Did you ever hear the one about the woman that was released from WWE during a pandemic 2 months postpartum after being told having another baby wasn't an issue...? #milkmoney #moreonthatlater #onlywrestlingcompanythatreleasedpeople #NonEssentialFamily"

A Twitter user replied saying that their release was part of cost-cutting measures. However, Maria pointed out that WWE still made a profit despite the cuts and that no other wrestling promotion has cut anyone during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She replied, "[Their] record numbers say differently. P.S. no other wrestling company released anyone!!"

You can view Maria's tweets below: