Former WWE 24/7 Champion and TNA Knockouts Champion Maria Kanellis took to Twitter today to conduct a quick Q&A.

During the Q&A, Kanellis was asked about the worst angle she was a part of. Kanellis admitted that the 24/7 Championship storyline was both "the best and the worst." She also felt the 24/7 title being taken off of her was the biggest missed opportunity in her career, as she was the first pregnant champion after winning the title in July of 2019.

"I would have kept that title on me until I gave birth," Kanellis tweeted.

Kanellis also admitted that while she doesn't miss wrestling, she does miss managing. As for if she will return to Impact Wrestling, where she worked from 2016 through 2017, she simply replied, "Maybe."

Kanellis and her husband, Mike Bennett, will become free agents this week after the couple were released from WWE this past April just months after having their second child together.

You can view her tweets below: