The Ascension Reveal Their New Tag Team Name

In a recent interview with WrestleZone, Big Kon and Vik, formerly Konnor and Viktor in WWE, revealed their new tag team name. They said they first thought of the name "FKA" before choosing "The Awakening."

The former NXT Tag Team Champions were released by WWE last December, and they have wrestled briefly on the indies before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in the United States.

Vik talked about how the name was suggested to them in another interview that they did. Big Kon elaborated saying that it was different but still had a similar feel to The Ascension.

"The Awakening. It's like it's the next step up from The Ascension," Big Kon described. "It's still got that connection so the fans can understand it and it's something that Vik and I think is badass regardless."

Big Kon revealed that if not for the pandemic, they would have made their TV return as they have teased before. He said the one benefit for them is that it has allowed fans to get to know their personalities more, something that was not present since they were not on TV that often during their WWE run.

"I know for a fact that had this not happened, Vik and I would be on your tube right now," Big Kon stated. "I'm not going to say much about it, but it was what it was. You start thinking outside the box and you start taking advantage.

"One thing that I will say that's been absolutely phenomenal has been about this thing, not that this is a great situation for anybody, but it's allowed Vik and I to come out and tell our story a little more, otherwise we wouldn't have done it. So that's been the nice thing, unfortunately with us being on lockdown, is we have to think outside of the box and do interviews."