MLW’s Low Ki has been vocally against mask use during the pandemic on Twitter and has said by not wearing one he is choosing not to be ignorant. Tom Lawlor weighed in on Low Ki’s controversial mask comments when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“I don’t remember the exact quotes. I’m guessing the idea behind his words or statement is along the lines of questioning everything that you read. Question what the media tells you or question what people tell you. I’m wearing a mask because why not? It can’t hurt,” stated Lawlor. “But at the same time, I surely don’t believe everything I’m being told by the government or the media. I’m sure he’s the same way but is much more vocal and steadfast about it, I guess.”

MLW was scheduled to hold a show in Dallas on May 2 but it was postponed due to the pandemic. It is now scheduled to take place on October 3 and Lawlor was asked if he’s confident it will take place.

“Honestly, I felt confident that we would be having shows by now and that hasn’t happened. As time goes by it seems like the goalposts keep getting moved as far as when we will return to action,” said Lawlor. “Honestly, with the way things are headed in the US, I’m not too confident about it. I don’t think that there needs to be a push on MLW to return. Obviously, everybody’s health and safety needs to come first and if we’re not in a position to run a show without being sure of that, then perhaps we shouldn’t be running a show. I hate to be pessimistic but I just have to take everything literally one day at a time. This is the weirdest time of my life as I’m sure it is for many people’s lives. It’s tough to predict the next 30 minutes sometimes let alone the future. Hopefully we’ll be back running Dallas and if not, I trust that Court and everybody else has our best interests in mind.”

Host Nick Hausman then pivoted to asking Lawlor about MLW’s new series, Pulp Fusion.

“It’s basically a montage-styled video package of what goes on, the outside happenings, of MLW in these current times. Unfortunately, there’s not shows happening but that doesn’t mean that the issues that we’re having in the ring haven’t continued to fester and happen outside of it,” said Lawlor. “So, myself, my comrades and cohorts at Team Filthy have been engaged in a long, arduous battle with the Von Erich brothers and Von Erich family and that has not ended. Over the past few weeks we came into a little bit of sponsorship money. We got a good deal from Cookies ‘n’ Cream and we’re using that money to look for new fighters for Team Filthy.”

He then noted that Dominic Garrini is traveling all over the world looking for talent and put over the various MLW talents involved in the episodes.

“You can see all of that on Pulp Fusion along with obviously everybody else ? Hammerstone, Richard Holliday, the return of Salina de la Renta? You can catch all that on Pulp Fusion on BeIN Sports, on MLW Underground every week or on YouTube,” stated Lawlor.

While the UFC has Fight Island, the Von Erichs teased a Wrestle Island on the latest Pulp Fusion episode. Lawlor was asked about the proposed MLW Wrestle Island.

“I’m all for it but I don’t know how much or how little the Von Erichs have to do with it. I know that they have some weird compound out there that they stroll around on. If they’re inviting us to go out there and fight under their rules, sure why not? Right now I’ll fight them under anybody’s rules,” said Lawlor. “I’ll fight them under their rules. I’ll fight them under our rules. I’ll fight them on international waters. I’ll fight them in the water. I don’t care.”

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