On a recent episode of the ARN podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson took questions from fans from another episode of “Ask Arn Anything”. One question Anderson received asked Arn’s thoughts on Drew McIntyre’s WWE title reign.

Like fellow WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, Anderson praised McIntyre’s run as WWE Champion, but he is disappointed it is happening without fans to react to it.

“Drew’s got it all. He looks the part, he’s matured, he’s paid his dues, he’s been around the world to learn his craft,” Anderson stated. “He’s come back to WWE with a very mature look, and just the way he views the business [is different]. The only thing I hate about this entire run that he’s having is we don’t have the fans to show him in the arena how they feel about it, because I think he would be getting a very good reception.

“Fans appreciate guys that have to work for the things they get in this business. They get it and they understand that he’s paid his dues, and I just hope that they stay the course with Drew and don’t get antsy, and nervous, and just make one of those knee-jerk reactions that they normally do, and just shut his water off before he gets a chance to show what his value is.”

On the topic of no fans in attendance, many wrestlers have come out and voiced their displeasure of watching shows without fans including CM Punk and Shane Helms. Anderson empathized with the struggle of performing without fans. He talked about how everything hurts more without the adrenaline of a roaring crowd.

“I can’t even imagine,” Anderson admitted. “I have nothing to compare it to other than the first week that I actually trained in the wrestling business and it was just in the back of a furniture store. And it was Ted Allen who was training me, and Tony Zane, and David McGee, just a few of us. Like three or four of us in there, and we’re taking bumps and there’s no adrenaline rush. There’s no music, there are no fans, there are no cut types of outside motivation whatsoever. Those bumps hurt. Every single one of them hurt.

“I can only imagine with the high impact stuff they do today. Coming down that route, and sliding in that ring, and having a match without the most important thing you need, adrenaline, because it pilots you completely through every match, and if you don’t have any, man, I can only imagine how hard that is.”

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.

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