“Le Champion” Chris Jericho returned to his popular Saturday Night Special YouTube show earlier this week to discuss current happenings in AEW. One subject Jericho shed some light on was the recent debate between himself and his ongoing rival, Orange Cassidy. Chris says that he booked the majority of the debate by himself with a little help from Tony Khan and Cody Rhodes.

“That was me [that booked it]. Yeah, I’m always trying to think of things differently. There’s always contract signings and things along those lines, which is why we had the weigh in, Moxley and I had the weigh in, and Cody and I had the contract signing with the actual contract lady out there,” Jericho said. “I think Cody did a press conference, which was an idea that we had discussed as well.

“So when I had the idea for the debate, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with it. So I asked Tony Khan and Cody for ideas for questions, which they gave me, and then Cody had the idea of throwing in the scientific question that Orange wouldn’t answer,” he continued. “And then I had the idea to go with, like I said, it wasn’t Will Ferrell in Old School, it was the guys from Wayne’s World.

“Then I said, ‘Who can we use for a moderator?’ And Cody suggested Mike Tenay and I suggest Bischoff, and that was it. That was basically it. I worked with Orange on his promo and he nailed it. F–k, it was a great promo, too. So, right off the bat, that’s exactly what happened.”

As noted, former longtime WWE referee Mike Chioda showed up on AEW Dynamite last week to work a couple of matches on the show, including the main event. Jericho provided some details on how he first thought of bringing Mike into AEW.

“Cody and I had talked about having Mikey come in… We were thinking, like, maybe we should try to bring him in. I mean, we asked Tony Khan [and he said], ‘But it’s the middle of a pandemic, and bringing in a new referee when we’ve got referees-‘” Jericho explained. “But I always said that when the time is right, let’s bring him in for a big match.

“And Cody is very smart, he brought him in and it made that TNT title match special. And then he asked me if I wanted to use him. I go, ‘Well, we can really use him in this match and make a story around it’. You know, ‘If you want a job, you better do the right thing’. Then, of course when the time comes, he turns his back, he takes it away.

“He’s not signed with us but hopefully we can have him come back with us more,” Chris finished.

Chris was direct when he told WWE they should be ashamed for firing someone who has worked for the company so long. He questions what other jobs Chioda could pursue after dedicating his life to pro wrestling.

“I mean, come on, seriously? 35 years the dude has been at your company and you’re going to fire him? Besides the fact that the dude is a great guy and such a talented performer, and can run the whole backstage, but after 35 years, what’s he supposed to do?” Chris asked. “Go get a job at freaking 7 Eleven? Like, shame on you WWE. They did it to Mark Eaton, a famous ringside guy that they still haven’t been able to replace him yet. When I was looking for time cues, Mark was always the guy.”

As noted, Orange Cassidy picked up the biggest win of his singles career when he defeated Jericho during Dynamite‘s main event last Wednesday. Jericho says that he enjoyed the match, however, there was apparently some miscommunication about the timing of everything.

“It was weird because we were running out of time. It was one of those things where we had a little bit of a time communication, so we literally finished and had only 10 seconds before we went completely dark,” Chris explained. “So another great part of the story, which will continue – as stories always continue, they have a beginning, middle, and end, and we’re not done yet.

“I really liked that match. I wish we had another minute or two minutes to really flesh out that story,” he added. “I hate f–king rushing, but it’s one of those things on live TV and I’ve been doing it for 25 years. You’ve got to just cut the bait and make sure you get that finish in before it ends.”

Although he says it’s a long way down the road, Jericho discussed his idea to finish his career in a similar fashion to how he started it.

“I would never do a retirement match,” Jericho stated. “What I might do is finish up and then rent an arena in Calgary, and do a final match of Jericho versus Lance Storm. And put together kind of an all-star lineup with whoever’s available in the indies at that point in time. You know, probably lose a couple hundred grand, but I would love to finish my career the exact same way that I began it, versus Lance Storm.”

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