Cody Rhodes has taken on many challengers for his AEW TNT Championship but his biggest one will come vs. Scorpio Sky on Dynamite. Sky is a former AEW Tag Champion and Cody discussed his upcoming title defense in a sit-down interview with Tony Schiavone.

“Pure athleticism-wise Scorpio Sky is probably unmatched in AEW. I even got to ? on the post show following Dynamite this past week ? got to hear JR talk about how it wouldn’t even be an upset if Sky was to leave TNT Champion,” said Cody.

“I think that’s how respected he is. He’s a friend of mine and meets every All-Star criteria. But if we were talking honestly, which we are, he’s also a tag team wrestler and it’s way different from going anywhere from 5-to-15 minutes with me and then standing on the apron, clapping your hands and cheering on Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. I have all the respect in the world for Scorpio Sky but I’m gonna blow him up and he’s gonna be out of gas in 3 or 4 minutes, maybe? That’s what I think’s gonna happen.”

Cody said his opponents for his Open Challenge have largely come from the push of fans on social media. He also mentioned many non-AEW performers like Hammerstone and Matt Sydal as other names that Cody is aware of and would be willing to take on.

He then mentioned that the finished design of the TNT Championship will be unveiled on Wednesday’s Dynamite before being asked what qualities AEW looks for in viable indie opponents for the Open Challenge.

“Tony Khan and Arn have done a really great job at looking at the overall landscape ? who’s making waves at AEW and who’s making waves outside. I think it has less to do with polished talent and pedigree and more to do with work,” Cody said before citing an interview in which he said talent isn’t always the key to surviving in wrestling.

“Those are the type of individuals I like to hang with, to work with, to train with and of course to compete with. I think that’s a big part of it ? your ability to do the work. It went from a fun motto and hashtag but it’s applicable to everything especially in this era of wrestling on TV. Content is what matters.”

Cody said that the phrase of “perception is reality” is BS because reality is reality.

“Tony is someone who has his ear to the ground,” stated Cody. “He’s a young person in management that’s leading the ship and I think he knows what people want. And he’s given me some great opponents.”

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