Cody Rhodes Says He Doesn't Mind Jim Cornette's AEW Criticism

AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes told a fan on social media that he doesn't mind what Jim Cornette says about AEW. He also though said that his stuff is "parody and shock" that some fans take literally.

Cody's full tweet was the following, "I don't mind the cornette stuff. Guy was a total legend, but his stuff is parody and shock...some folks take it literally though. I respect all the opinions, wrestling hasn't been discussed at this level in many years. Can't hate that. We are working to make the best show weekly."

His opinions differ from Chris Jericho, who as we reported, wants to ban Jim Cornette from watching any upcoming AEW Dark and Dynamite episodes.

As noted earlier today, Cody did respond to Jim Cornette's claim about AEW President & CEO Tony Khan wanting to bring Goldberg in AEW. He said that the claim wasn't real.

Below is his tweet: