Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer gave an update on Will Ospreay’s return to NJPW.

Meltzer was asked on Twitter if he had any updates on Will Ospreay, which he said hopefully Ospreay would return at G1 Climax 30 in September.

His full answer was the following, “He’s hanging in. Not certain and the current climate in Japan is worrisome. The hope is G-1.”

Due to COVID-19, Will Ospreay hasn’t wrestled since mid-March. Last month, Meltzer reported that Ospreay was dealing with depression.

During the recent Speaking Out movement, a 2017 incident came to light. Will was accused of blackballing UK wrestler Pollyanna after she spoke out about the abuse she had allegedly suffered at the hands of one of his friends, Scott Wainwright. He would later issue a statement on Twitter.

As noted earlier today, G1 Climax 30 participants and blocks should be revealed in the coming weeks. There will be 19 shows, which the first one is on September 18 in Osaka. To read the full schedule, please click here.