Diamond Dallas Page and his family were recetly affected by COVID-19 as he, his girlfriend and daughter Brittany all caught the virus. He talked about how Brittany is doing when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“She broke her foot last weekend and was supposed to go get surgery on it today. But she tested for COVID,” revealed DDP. “This girl has no symptoms and it shows you how F’d up the whole system is. She tested for it and she has no signs of anything. My daughter gets fixated and goes, ‘I don’t have it. It’s got to be a false negative.’ So she’s taking four tests in the next few days to see if she comes back negative because they won’t operate on you with a positive test.”

The COVID pandemic has greatly affected the wrestling business. Many promotions have elected to continue with shows without fans in attendance. DDP was asked by how he feels about the showing going on and the measures promotions have in place for safety.

“I think they’re doing a really good job. Just like the NFL, you don’t know how it’s gonna go moving forward but people need to get back to work. What really irritates me is the assh**** who say, ‘I’m not wearing a mask and you can’t make me. Cough, cough, cough.’ If someone coughed in my face, it would probably cost me a lawsuit because I’d punch that motherf***** right in the face,” said DDP. “You cough on me and I consider that an act of violence and I would knock you the f*** out. This person spreading germs on me and I don’t know what they’ve got.

“I’ve seen people do it and it’s just so crazy. The whole thing with this election, it’s the craziest sh*t ever. People get so violent one way Democrat or Republican, mask or no mask, abortion. I can understand people getting upset about abortion as it’s a woman’s rights to do what she wants to do with her body. I don’t agree with abortion but I don’t agree with a 15-year-old having to have a kid when she’s a kid. My point is, it’s another fight. Shouldn’t we be fought out by now? It’s a crazy place to be.”

Jake “The Snake” Roberts was staying with DDP up until recently in Georgia. Jake was also a guest on The Wrestling Inc. Daily a few weeks ago and noted that he has moved out and found his own place. Dallas talked about Roberts starting the next phase of his life and why Roberts briefly staying in a hotel wasn’t a big deal.

“Jake’s been clean for years now and he has been working his ass off. He came in and stayed with me again and for guys like us, it’s not like living in a hotel is a bad thing. You take every one of the kids that come up in WWE or WCW back in the day, we lived in hotel rooms 24 days a month. The strange place to be was your home,” stated DDP. “But when the COVID sh*t hit, there’s nobody in the hotel and they shut down the restaurants. That’s when I told Jake to come back here and stay.

“Cody bringing in Jake Roberts was his idea. I had nothing to do with it. I always put Jake over and he asked me how Jake is doing and I’d tell him the truth ? he’s doing great. I never said anything about bringing him on as that was all Cody’s idea.”

Page said that Cody treats the legends with total respect and the way he treated Page was amazing.

“When Jake had come in for ten weeks that was enough for Cody to see this guy is the best Jake Roberts he’s been maybe ever. Not as far as a worker but as far as a talent and he really understands the business at a different level. Jake is one of the best psychology guys ever and all this time doing shows and talking to people, Jake doesn’t make anything up. He has a blueprint in his head and then he goes with the crowd. He listens to what they’re buying and what they’re enjoying just like he did in wrestling,” said DDP.

“That keeps him really sharp and one of the reasons why I believe Mick Foley ? with all of the chair shots to the head such as the one with him and The Rock ? he should have the memory of a 100-year-old. But he doesn’t because he’s always out there working and writing and exercising his brain. So, I think that has a lot to do with it in keeping super coherent. Whatever you can do to help out your brain as you get older is really big.”

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