Wrestling Inc. has confirmed that Marty Scurll was not present at, or involved in, the most recent Ring of Honor TV tapings. Furthermore, we have confirmed that Marty has not been involved in anything ROH related since #SpeakingOut allegations were levied against him in June.

Internally it seems ROH is also being praised for the job they have done removing Scurll from his position while continuing their investigation.

In the August 17th edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter it was noted that Hunter Johnson, aka Delirious, is the current head of creative for ROH. With Scurll on “hiatus”, Johnston has served as the sole creative force regarding formatting, producing and organizing ROH’s TV product. This move is expected to continue until ROH concludes their investigation into Scurll and hands down a final verdict on his future.

ROH issued a statement in June regarding Scurll’s status noting, “At Ring of Honor, we pride ourselves on the respectful and inclusive environment we have built, one that ensures all employees can work in a place where they feel safe and respected. We take these matters extremely seriously and have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to this type of behavior.”

ROH went on to state that they had launched an investigation into the claims made against Scurll and anyone else on their roster that had been named in the #SpeakingOut allegations. They also stated that they would provide an update once the investigation was complete.

As of this writing no update has been provided by ROH regarding Scurll or any other member of the ROH roster.