Former WWE Star Brian Myers Rips Vince McMahon For Being "An Out Of Touch 70 Year Old Man"

Brian Myers, formerly known as Curt Hawkins in WWE, made his return to Impact Wrestling on July 21 after being released by WWE back in April due to cutbacks amid the ongoing pandemic.

Prior to his arrival in Impact, Myers took the opportunity to call out Vince McMahon during his teaser vignette. Myers took another direct shot at his former boss on Tuesday's Impact Wrestling as he interrupted a promo by Willie Mack.


In the clip, Myers tells the interviewer this is his big opportunity to ask him anything. When asked what he was trying to accomplish, the former WWE star expressed his frustration at being fired by WWE during the pandemic while his wife was 6 months pregnant.

"You've known me a while," Myers said. "Haven't I always played by the rules? Done everything I've been told? Listen to the veterans? Well, where did it get me in this business? Fired! With a wife that's 6 months pregnant sitting at home."

"I'm so sick of being referred to as somebody's 'good hand'. It disgusts me that major decisions in this business are being made by some out of touch 70-year-old man in some goofy production meeting! Not anymore. I'm taking my career and this business into my hands. You, and all of Impact Wrestling have been put on warning. I am the most professional wrestler, Brian Myers."


You can watch the promo below: