Jeff Cobb Teases Major Promotion Announcing His Signing

Jeff Cobb is currently competing as part of NJPW Strong in the New Japan Cup for the opportunity to challenge for the IWGP United States Championship. Cobb went on The Wrestling Inc. Daily to talk about the tournament as well as reveal his contractual status. It was reported earlier this year that Cobb is no longer under contract with Ring of Honor, and Cobb confirmed that he is indeed a free agent teasing that a company will announce his signing when the time is right.

"Well, technically I'm a free agent until whatever group announces that I signed," Cobb teased. "I'm enjoying what I'm doing. I was going to make a decision but then this craziness kind of happened. So kind of just laying low until the company announces it, and then we'll go from there.

"I want the company to do it so the company will get the recognition. I'd rather them do it that way they can get the spotlight instead of me, and I'll go from there."

Cobb was offered a contract with AEW after his appearances with AEW. Cobb described Chris Jericho "hiring" him to attack Jon Moxley with The Inner Circle.

"At the time, I just finished up my Ring of Honor contract, so I was pretty much available to do whatever, which was pretty cool because I definitely felt like the new girl in school because there was a lot of corners. They were one of them, and then I came over," Cobb explained. "Well, they contacted me, and then the ball was rolling. And I showed up for [what] some people say a cup of coffee, but hey, it's hard to [it] turn down when Chris Jericho offers you a lot of money. He's a smart businessman, and he brought me to try to beat up Mox a little bit. I pretty go where the money is."

Cobb also described the atmosphere of the AEW locker room. He compared it to an indie show with a bigger budget since many AEW wrestlers have spent an extended amount of time on the indies, ROH and NJPW.

"Well, it was a few months back, but I had fun when I went there," Cobb said. "The majority of the guys and gals that are working there I've pretty much seen for the past couple years on on the independents, Ring of Honor and New Japan. Coming into that situation was more just like being at an indie show with a way bigger budget."

When asked if he will sign or make another appearance on AEW, Cobb said "never say never" and that he can pop up anywhere at anytime.

"I've always heard that term in pro wrestling like 'never say never.' I'm like that's such a weird saying, but then in the past like year, I definitely have found a new found respect for that phrase, never say never," Cobb admitted. "Never say never man because you never know when or where I'll pop up especially in this crazy pandemic time."

Cobb discussed the idea of promotions working together for big inter-promotional matches. He noted that they can be cool when done on occasion, but their uniqueness can be lost if done too much.

"I think everybody needs to make their own brand," Cobb stated. "Like if you co-promote too much, then you kind of just take away from who you are, but, like handful of I guess inter-promotional matches is cool for the business I think. If it's too common, I feel then it loses its uniqueness and it's surprising capabilities. If it's every week, it kind of dumbs it down, and it makes it kind of numb, but like if it's once in a while, I think that's super cool."

Before competing in NJPW Strong, Cobb wrestled in front of a live audience for the first time this past Friday with Warrior Wrestling. This was his first experience wrestling in front of hundreds of fans since wrestling for wXw in March. Cobb wrestled in a four-way against Brian Cage, Lance Archer and Sam Adonis, and he described what it was like for him to wrestle in front of a crowd again.

"It was great. I definitely had a blast," Cobb expressed. "I definitely miss that live aspect of it especially because we only did like New Japan tapings. It's great and all. Don't get me wrong, but it's just the fans definitely make the shows. It provides such a great atmosphere, and overall, a blast to wrestle in front of. That being missing, it was like a hole in my heart and just being able to see the fans in it, the fans were reacting so much.

"They were so happy and happy to be back in wrestling. It felt a little normal, which is pretty cool. It wasn't 100% back to normal, but it was a nice little appetizer for the situation we're in."

Jeff Cobb can be seen Friday nights as part of NJPW Strong via You can follow him on Twitter @RealJeffCobb. Cobb's full interview aired as part of today's episode of our podcast, The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Subscribe to get the latest episodes as soon as it's released Monday – Friday afternoon by clicking here.