“The Big LG” Doc Gallows (formerly known as Luke Gallows in WWE) was on a recent edition of “This is Wrestling” on TSN 1200. Gallows’ fellow Good Brother Karl Anderson had expressed regret over re-signing with WWE, thinking that the contract would be their last in wrestling. Gallows was asked if their current contract with Impact Wrestling will be their last.

“I’m in my prime,” Gallows laughingly said. “I’m not slowing down. I just want to grow this IMPACT brand as big as we possibly can and keep it pushing forward. Yeah, this ain’t my last wrestling contract. Oh hell no! I’m not going to stop.”

The Good Brothers are not only on Impact but they also have their own Talk’n Shop brand, highlighted by their podcast and their Talk’n Shop A Mania event that aired on FITE on August 1. Gallows was asked what other things he hopes to achieve on this run as The Good Brothers.

“I think it’s all about keeping momentum,” Gallows noted. “I think there are more tag team championships in the future for us as a team. I think we’ll always be together but we can support each other through a singles run. One for him, one for me. That’s some stuff we’ve been talking a lot about. What we want to do is continue to grow IMPACT.

“I want IMPACT to continue to grow, and get bigger ,and better so that when our friends are calling us and they got contracts up in other places we can go, ‘hey ,we can do this for you over here. What do you think? Come jump on board, come have some fun, and come party with us?’ I think it would be great. I would love to see New Japan and IMPACT form a working relationship at some point. I think it would be beneficial for both sides, and I would really love to see that. Hopefully, [I] can be a part in making that come together.”

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