Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss were guests on Episode #34 of “Table Talk” this week and were discussing their respective careers. Cross was asked to speak about some of her favorite WrestleManias in history. She also talked about her husband, Killian Dain, and the issues the couple faces because they are featured on different brands.

Cross explained that she has been a fan of pro wrestling ever since she was a child. Since she did not live in the United States, she had to stay up late in order to watch the shows live.

“So, you know, I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, so I was just right next to England but we were on the same time zone,” Cross explained. “So, I would remember waiting at 1 in the morning, because of the time difference, because of America East Coast time. So it would be 8 o’clock in America, 1 o’clock in the UK, and it would be, you know, you just had – I was like 10 years old, 11, 12 years old, and I’m drinking coffee just to stay awake at 11 years old, just so I can stay up and watch the pay-per-view. And WrestleMania was always the biggest, I guess.”

Cross went on to talk about some of her favorite WrestleMania events, and said there’s many to choose from. She added that her dream came true when she was able to wrestle at the show earlier this year.

“Being able to compete and open this year’s WrestleMania was a dream come true with Lexi against The Kabuki Warriors,” Cross said. “They were such an amazing team. So, that’s obviously my own personal, selfish, individual highlight, and for myself watching WrestleMania, there’s so many.

“I think the WrestleMania where you had Daniel Bryan and Triple H kick off the show and then the end with Daniel Bryan winning the big main event, the big championship match. I believe it was in New Orleans. Someone will have to remind me of the year because I’m, you know, silly, but I think that’s one of my favorite WrestleManias. But then [WrestleMania 35], you had Becky, then you had Kofi, Kofi Mania and Becky Mania, like last year was awesome too and that was my first WrestleMania, so. But then, [WrestleMania] 17 was a good one – uh, I can’t [choose one].”

Cross was also asked about her relationship with fellow WWE Superstar, Killian Dain. The two married in June of last year, and she was asked if it’s a struggle for them since they compete on different brands in the company.

“No, I mean we, you know, when we met, we met at wrestling,” Cross explained. “We met, I was – 12 years ago when we start to train at a wrestling school in Glasgow, me and the hubby. So we went through this journey together and we were, we are, very grateful with the way it worked out. And the fact that we work for WWE, and of the timing, what worked really well was moving across America.”

Cross continued explaining that in the wrestling business, you have to make sacrifices to achieve your goals.

“So for myself, we both kind of always understood that when it comes to this business, you know, there are sacrifices that are going to be made,” Cross said. “There are times and there’s going to be a lot of nights where we don’t see each other. But, to me, it’s like, ‘Okay, let’s do this now and then on our sixth day, we’ll be able to spend every night together watching old movies.’

“We always realize it could be a reality and we’re grateful that there was a time where we’re both at NXT together and worked together. So, you kind of just have to be like, ‘Okay, well we got to do that, so, that’s cool’. And he’s pushing. He’s doing the walk and I’m doing the walk.”

Cross said that they are always rooting for each other to keep going forward with their careers, and they cherish the time that they do get to spend with one another.

“We’re both happy for each other and we’re both – as long as you always make the time that you guys have together,” Cross said. “I think as long as you make that quality and not quant- so, if quantity is there’s a bunch of donuts, then quantity is excellent. When it comes to setting aside time, you know, I think as long as you spend that time wisely together, you put the phones away, and just sit together, and chat, and watch a movie. You just always make sure you make that time for each other.”

You can watch the full interview above. If you see any of the quotes in this article, please credit Wrestling Audio with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.