Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy of Private Party stopped by on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, where they talked about their journey to AEW. Kassidy said that similar to how The Revival, now FTR, put out a challenge to The Young Bucks, he did the same by tweeting out a one-minute highlight clip that Matt Jackson has confirmed he saw and liked.

“I feel like I shot my shot. I used to do this highlight video where it will be a compilation of our matches just to sum it up in like two minutes or so,” Kassidy explained. “It was all right. It caught a little bit of buzz, but finally, I was like, ‘what if we just put a video of just only our moves.’ It was a one-minute video, nice, and simple, and straight to the point.

“Next thing you know, I did it. And FTR, they posted something about The Young Bucks. They said, ‘one day we’ll fight The Young Bucks and everybody will rejoice.’ So I did the same thing where I put that one-minute video. I got straight to the point. It was a one-minute video and I said the same thing that FTR said. I said, ‘one day we’ll face The Young Bucks and everybody will rejoice,’ and I tagged them. And next thing you know, a couple hours later it blew up, and Matt liked it. He retweeted it with eyes or something, and after that, the video got like almost 15,000 views.”

Kassidy talked about how that tweet went viral and put them in contact with Jackson. He says they were approached to sign soon after.

“We were pretty much talk of the town at that time. I believe it was a week later or so,” Kassidy recalled. “I get a text from Matt on Twitter and he’s basically was like, ‘hey, are you guys signed? You guys are good. Keep doing it.’ I was like, ‘no, we’re not signed. We’re just doing independent shows.’ Underneath he’s like, ‘I’m starting a new project up. You guys keep us in mind.’ I was like, ‘absolutely.’ Next thing you know, fast forward to February, we get a call from Christoper Daniels saying, ‘hey, they want to sign you.’ That’s a story I feel like we shot our shot and we were Stephen Curry from the three-point line. We made it.”

Private Party did have their match against The Young Bucks at House of Glory, but it was their upset win on Dynamite that blew them up as rising stars in AEW. Kassidy talked about the validation they received from AEW President and CEO Tony Khan and the AEW locker room.

“The fact that our boss Tony is super, super happy, and he got a picture of all four of us after the match,” Kassidy revealed. “He’s so proud of us, and everybody in the back was just clapping. As a young team, I just felt accepted by the locker room and all of out peers. ‘Okay, you guys did good. Good job.’ It was just so, so nice and such a nice feeling.”

Private Party have recently been featured with Matt Hardy, and they talked about how much of an honor it is since The Hardy Boyz were what got them into wrestling. Kassidy talked about the advice that Hardy has given them, and how much he helps them after their matches.

“I can’t even put it into words. If I’m going to learn from anybody about tag team wrestling, it’s gonna be him or Jeff,” Kassidy expressed. “We talk about the match, we talk about what we want to do before the match, and he gives advice on what to do and what not to do. Then after the match, he’ll be like, ‘hey, did you guys like the match? Did you mess up anything? Did you feel like anything be changed?’ And we tell him how we actually felt, and he’ll be like, ‘yeah, what if you did this here then this here then maybe don’t do this but do that.’ So he always gives us advice on how to be a better tag team.”

Before All Out, Jericho revealed that Private Party went up to him and asked if they could use a move similar to his “Judas Effect”. Kassidy revealed that they have also asked Jericho about how they can improve as a tag team, and he suggested they change their theme song. Kassidy went into the process of how their new theme song was created.

“So we were talking to Jericho,” Kassidy said. “We’re talking to Jericho like, ‘hey, what can we do to better our tag team? Like, what steps do we need to take? He’s like, ‘first off, you need to get new song. Something that fits y’all,’ and I was like, ‘you know what? You’re right.’ So I started listening to different songs, and then got ideas in my head.

“My friends were actually rappers, and I was like, ‘hey, what if my friends could produce my song, or they can make the song?’ So we just did our little project. I told them what I’m aiming for. I kind of came up with the lyrics. Well, the chorus the shots, shots, shots, so we get some crowd participation whenever the fans come back. I told him the chorus. They made the lyrics featuring Zelly Daniels, RiQQQ and StayLow Dom. They made the song ‘Shots,’ and then my girlfriend, she made, ‘oh my God, is that Private Party?’ I can’t wait until the crowd goes back. I really can’t wait.”

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