Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were both a part of the COVID cuts in April, and they’ve gone on record saying Paul Heyman was the reason they were fired. Their longtime buddy AJ Styles has since spoken out about his disdain for Heyman, and said that lots of guys despise Heyman because of his lies.

Ryback has also had his problems with Heyman, and he weighed in on Styles’ comments on “Ryback TV Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report With Raj Giri.”

“I’ve talked about Paul before, and again, everything I’ve ever said is getting confirmed by guys. Paul is a guy you want on your side. He’s helped Brock tremendously, and I’m sure Brock, if he didn’t have Heyman around, would have found himself in different positions that probably might not have been ideal. I think when he had Punk, he helped Punk immensely with that. And I’ve talked about that in having to work with him when I didn’t enjoy it, because I knew he was working for Punk on that even though he was with me from an on-air standpoint. But that’s the environment up there,” said Ryback.

He then talked about how people who work there have to leave because their love of the business is gone. Ryback cited himself as someone who was in that camp.

“It makes you hate pro wrestling because there’s so much? That, to me, has been the most refreshing part of getting out of that bubble, and living in the real world, and being able to control the happiness factor. Up there, it really is a snake pit,” stated Ryback, who then noted Pat Buck is working for WWE after Ryback called out Buck for allegedly stealing millions of dollars.

“This guy ? very questionable on many levels ? is now working for them. They like that kind of stuff because the people are then stooges and loyal to them. It’s just a f***ing snake pit and Paul’s part of that game. In due respect, Paul knows how to play that game. But I believe you can be a good, decent human being and be honest with people. I would rather people not like me for me being honest and being true to myself than lie and people find out I’m lying just to survive the moment because you don’t like confrontation.

“I’m glad to see AJ speak his mind. I love that. It’s not the first and it’s not the last time we’re gonna hear that about Paul.”

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