The main event of last night’s AEW Dynamite saw Sammy Guevara defeating Matt Hardy in a brutal tables match. During the bout, both men went through tables due to their own accord before Sammy finally superplexed Matt through a table for the victory.

Guevara took to his Instagram account later on to document the cut he got on the side of his head during the tables match. In the caption, Guevara points out that both men now have scars left over from their run ins with one another.

“So…. scar for a scar huh? This ain’t over, Matt Hardy,” Sammy writes.

As seen above, Matt Hardy posted a video to YouTube shortly after Sammy revealed his bloody wound to the world. In it, Matt gives credit where credit is due and congratulates Sammy on picking up the victory on Dynamite. However, he also promises him that he will never stop coming after him until one of the two men is finally “deleted” from AEW.

“Congratulations, Sammy. You won, you beat me. You survived my wrath and you left with only a large laceration to your head. You beat me; you said you were going to beat me and you beat me,” Matt admitted. “And maybe it was too early for me to get back into the ring, and I wasn’t all the way 100% out there bleeding internally, discombobulated, my equilibrium was all off, it was hard to climb, it was hard to stand.

“Regardless of any of that, you beat me. But Sammy, you’ve got to know, I’m not going to stop coming for you. Never!” he continued. “I’m never going to stop coming for you. Never, never, never, never, never! Because this realm known as AEW is not big enough for the both of us. One of us must be deleted from this plane, and I will not stop coming for you until that happens!”

You can see the photo of Sammy’s cut below: