WWE Superstar Seth Rollins spoke to Michael Wonsover of ESPN ahead of Rollins’ Street Fight against Dominik Mysterio at SummerSlam. Rollins noted that when he was discussing potential opponents for SummerSlam, he chose Dominik.

“Everyone was kind of leaning towards the idea of Dominik,” Rollins said. “I didn’t even think twice about it. I think it’s a sign of good faith that the company, the people in charge, felt like I was capable of giving this kid his first match on a huge platform.”

Many in the wrestling world have discussed how Dominik will fare in his match against Rollins. Rollins acknowledged that Dominik was afforded this opportunity because his father his Rey Mysterio. However, hoe noted the work that Dominik has put in and how seriously he is taking the preparation to his SummerSlam match.

“Did he get the opportunity because he happened to be born to Rey Mysterio? Yes, but has he knocked it out of the park every week since he’s been given the chance? Yes, he has,” Rollins stated. “I’m a guy that’s had a completely different story from Dominik. I had many matches for years before I got opportunities to make a dime wrestling or work in front of a crowd or a big stage.

“If anybody should have ill will towards Dominik for being handed this opportunity, quote unquote, it would be me. But I don’t. Everybody’s got a different path. He is not taking that lightly. He’s making the most of the opportunities that have been given to him.”

Rollins will face Dominik Mysterio at WWE SummerSlam this Sunday. As always, Wrestling Inc. will have live coverage of the event.

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