On the latest episode of WWE’s The Bump, The Big Show and Gabriel Iglesias joined the crew to talk about their new show coming to Netflix called “Game On”. While he was a guest, Big Show also mentioned his recent run with the WWE and his match against Randy Orton. He also gave his opinion on where this current run for Orton ranks among his legendary career.

“When I look at Randy Orton right now, he’s never been better,” Big Show said. “Where his mind is, his promos in the ring, I don’t think we’ve ever seen a better Randy Orton than we’re seeing right now. It’s like it all came together with his talent and his intensity. He’s on fire right now.”

Big Show also talked about the match he and Orton had recently on RAW, and mentioned how a punt from Orton wasn’t enough to keep him down.

“I got kicked in the head and it was a good shot, but I’m a giant,” Big Show said. “It’s going take a lot more than a kick in the head to put me out, or put me in retirement. Father time is doing a great job of that already, so we’re good.”

On this past episode of Monday Night RAW, Randy Orton betrayed Ric Flair, hitting him with a low blow and punting him while the lights went out. Drew McIntyre came to the ring to save Flair, and the show went off the air with Drew helping Flair and staring down Orton from the entrance ramp.

Flair posted on his social media that he would’ve handled the altercation with Orton differently, saying he should’ve told him, “I do know what Charlotte has done, and like you Randy, she is much better than I ever was. Just like you have surpassed your father.”

In two weeks, Orton will challenge McIntyre at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship. Big Show talked about the build up for the match, and who he sees as having the upper hand when the two meet at “the biggest party of the summer”.

“Two incredible athletes that are at the peak performance of their careers,” Big Show said. “Randy Orton is firing on all cylinders, he’s never been better with his execution, his preparation, his mindset. Drew McIntyre has literally gone through hell to get to where he is, a different hell than Randy. He had to find himself, prove himself to the world over again, come back, and prove himself in WWE, and rise to the top. And he’s done an incredible job.

“I’m a big fan of Drew McIntyre as champion. If I had to call this match, you can’t really call this one. This is one of those unique instances where both guys are at the peak of their competition, and top of their game. And this should be one incredible SummerSlam. I’m looking forward to watching it. I think we’ll find out at SummerSlam who’s plan works out the best.”

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