Karrion Kross became the new NXT Champion at NXT “Takeover XXX” this weekend defeating Keith Lee. However, Kross suffered an injury during the match, and Triple H addressed that injury in a post-game media call for “TakeOver XXX”.

“I wish I could say, as good as he is at his job, that he was just really good at his job. I really do wish I could say that,” Triple H reiterated. “I’m going to have to find out. We’ll get him an MRI and everything. Right now, it looks like he separated his shoulder. Somewhere in that match, I knew it was hurt. I knew he was hurt. He wanted to continue. Medical team was watching him and felt like he can continue. They felt like they knew it was a separated shoulder to the degree that it was by looking, so they were comfortable with him continuing.

“He’s tough man, and there’s not much more I can say about that. To go through that with Keith Lee, who’s a big boy, and when your shoulder is separated like that, it’s not easy. It’s very painful, and he got through it and got to the end.”

Triple H also spoke on the dream that Kross and Scarlett accomplished and how bittersweet the moment was for them due to Kross’ injury. He sympathized with Kross and will take a wait and see approach as to the severity of Kross’ injury.

“I know he’s bittersweet because he’s ecstatic in the moment. He is excited in the moment,” Triple H explained. “This is a dream come true for both him and Scarlett. They worked an entire career to get to this moment, and I can tell you that from the bottom of his heart, because he and I had that conversation since the first day, so for him to get here in talking to him earlier in the day, what he almost felt like was this crazy, surreal moment where the two of them, both he and Scarlett kept saying, ‘it’s hard for us to believe we’re here in this moment.’ They kept waiting for it to change today or for something to happen that would change everything, and then you get to that moment. And with the uncertainty of something like this in the end, man my heart breaks for him. I know everybody here does, but we’ll see where he’s at.”

Triple H also have praise to not only Kross but also Lee as well. He called him a “consummate pro”, for being a leader in the locker room and also for helping Kross out during the match when his injury occurred. Triple H notes that while Kross’ injury is unfortunate, that is part of wrestling and can happen for time to time.

“He’s in a bath cooling off. Doc’s with him. They’re going through everything, and as soon as we can can get him in a facility, we’ll get them an MRI, and then we’ll see where everything goes,” Triple H said. “Hopefully it’s not too crazy, and we can figure out how to work around it or work through it or whatever that is, but we’ll figure that out. On one hand congratulations to him on an epic just beginning. He’s just delivered on every level to get to this point. For him, all the build up and the hype and all the other stuff, great. I’m going to show them that I can deliver on it, and then it sort of unraveled for him in the middle. He gutted through it, and here we.

“My hat’s off to Keith Lee, consummate pro, and again, I can’t say enough good stuff about Keith Lee. He’s just been such a incredible part of this and a leader in the locker room and everything else and going out there tonight. When a guy gets hurt like that, you’re trying to do everything you can to keep it together and get through it and keep him safe and get where you need to go, and he did an amazing job of it. So hats off to both. Unfortunate end to the show of what was a spectacular night, but as the saying goes, not that ballet isn’t hard, but it ain’t ballet. It’s a physical business, and people get hurt. And that’s where we are.”

Triple H later spoke on Lee’s future. He kept it vague and encouraged everyone to see where his story transitions to next. He acknowledged that many might be disappointed at the result, but the story will progress, and people might understand where the story ends up.

“Well, I think that’s the thing that you have to watch now,” Triple H pointed out. “Things things don’t just happen. They’re there for a reason. It’s storytelling across the board, and things happen for a reason. I don’t want to give anything away. So you just have to watch now, but Keith is a star, certified star, and I think that he has proved that over the last year.

“And I think he’s proved that over the last few months, and it’s a piece of a storyline. Sometimes I think in today’s moment in time, people just react in the moment, and that’s understandable, but knowing where things are going and knowing when you watch them through for the next following months, you see oh, OK, great. I understand why all of this happened. Sometimes those things change. Obviously there was injuries tonight too. That changes the dynamics of everything, but people will understand over time why things were done in the way they were.”

Triple H also shared praise for Scarlett. He called her “a cutaway machine” with the reactions she gives and for always being in the right place at the right time. He said her potential is vast with her skill set and says she will continue to get better going forward.

“I think she’s a very talented young lady that can do just about anything,” Triple H stated. “That’s sort of the magic of what she can do is you can unveil parts of her character. You can uncover layers to who she is, and she does it so well. She’s what, on the television side, what we would call a ‘cutaway machine’. You can constantly go to ringside at any point in time. She’s going to be giving you a great reaction. She’s always in the right place.

“She just adds so much to it, but I think that she has a skill set that she really can go anywhere. She’s so multifaceted as a performer, and I really look forward to as time goes on, seeing where she evolves to. What she wants to be. Where she wants to get to. If and when we get to the point where she’s in the ring competing, it’ll be great because I’ve seen her do that too. She’s an amazing talent.”