Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* The Young Bucks talk about the TV ratings from this past week with Dynamite pulling in just over 900,000 viewers. Matt is happy with that number, but Nick says it’s not enough. Nick says they didn’t win the key demo though ? the 50+ demo. Matt says he’s tried everything, but the numbers haven’t gone up. Nick responds maybe they should bring more stars back from 30 years ago! “We’ve already tried that,” Matt says. Nick thinks Matt needs inspiration and that’s why he brought him to his second house.

They go out to the ring and Nick has brought back the local jobbers, the one guy leaps out and they do a quick cut so it looks like he lands on his feet out on the floor. A reference to what WWE did with Dexter Lumis’ leap out of the ring on NXT. “Really stuck that landing, didn’t ya?” Matt says. The two wrestlers go to work on Matt, Nick keeps asking Matt if he’s inspired as they beat him up some more and try to throw him out of the ring like “it’s the Royal f’n Rumble.” Matt is hanging upside down and suddenly gets an idea for a segment. In a calm voice, we see Matt showing a picture hanging tutorial for his 50+ seconds for 50+ segment.

* Brandon Cutler tells Matt and Nick he thinks he saw the Best Friends kill Colt Cabana. He didn’t “see” it, but he heard what happened. Young Bucks think Cutler is just lost in his D&D world. The Young Bucks then say they were seeing things because they were so exhausted, Cutler was probably just the same. Cutler brings up Young Bucks how they got a cleaning bill for a bunch of weird random things, Young Bucks are able to explain them and the group moves on since they have to drive to Jacksonville.

* Clip shown of Sammy Guevara launching a chair into Matt Hardy’s face. Backstage, we see the medical staff working on Hardy’s wound that needed 13 stitches. Cut to Hardy walking into the dressing room to talk with Matt and Nick. They say they can fire Sammy and check on Hardy. Matt says nothing is wrong with him, and then he gets quite loud like “Big Money” Matt and says Sammy isn’t even smart enough to hurt him, or be as smart or rich as him. “V1” then comes out and gives some facts about how often he’s been busted open. “Broken” Matt then comes out to explain the term, busted open, in pro wrestling. Matt and Nick look a bit concerned. Matt then says nothing is wrong with him at all and heads out of the room.

* Marko Stunt see a trail of candy and follows it into where Dark Order is hanging out. John Silver and Alex Reynolds offer him the whole bag as they try to recruit him. They ask him to drink the Kool-Aid, he goes to do it, but Luchasaurus barks at Stunt about taking candy from strangers and takes him away.

* TH2 segment. Angelico says the fans are unaware of their true value and potential to AEW, but now they are back. Jack Evans says he has some good news for the fans that TH2 will be returning and it will be the greatest in the history of humanity. Evans says he can’t wait to show the useless fanbase that they are the best among the elite.

* Alex Abrahantes with the latest “Speaking Spanglish” featuring Santana and Ortiz. “Chisme” is the word of the week. Ortiz then tells Santana a secret, Santana then tells Stella (the makeup artist), and a secret then makes its way around the locker room. Stunt then barges in on the segment, yelling about what’s been going around about him, most of it’s bleeped out though.

* Silver and Grayson bicker at each other. A happy Brodie Lee comes in after Dark Order won their 12-man tag match. Lee celebrates with Uno and Grayson, Silver looks for a high-five, but he and Reynolds lost to Cody and Matt Cardona earlier in the night. Lee rips into both guys. Lee then asks Uno to take care of Silver tonight and hands him with a stack of papers. Uno yells at Silver and throws the papers, but Silver doesn’t sell the attack. Lee gets his papers back, tells Uno great job tonight, puts his arm around Grayson and leaves with him. Uno tells Lee he forgot to hook his neck!

* Christopher Daniels does an infomercial as part of his idea to appeal to the 50+ demo. Daniels says in today’s world there is a lack of psychology (clip of Young Bucks doing a big spot) and a reliance on high spots. He’s looking to invest in the future, and that’s precious metal. Daniels then touts BrizzBrazz Capital, where people can invest in copper (it’s a bunch of pennies).

* The Elite hanging out backstage after their lost to Dark Order. Nick and Matt are bothered by the loss, Page says “you win some, you lose some” and is checking in on Dax Harwood’s knee injury. Omega says he’s not okay and is embarrassed by the loss to a comedy act. Matt says it was 6 on 4, even 6 on 3 for a bit. Omega says but it’s guys who throw papers at each other, and they are trying to build up the tag division to be something legitimate. Losing to a comedy team isn’t going to achieve that. Matt then points out Omega is the king of comedy as he’s wrestled an 8 year old girl and a blowup doll. Nick says he thought they got “The Cleaner” Omega, but it’s more “DDT” Omega. Matt brings up Omega doing the BTE bit with Colt. Omega pops off and just want to move on. They turn on the TV and it’s Dark Order singing the Chili’s baby back ribs song. Lee enters the room, they go silent, Lee looks at the camera and yells “and f—ing barbecue sauce!” Cut to an announcement of Chilil’s now working with Dark Order. Cut back to The Elite freaking out about the news and with Matt for ruining their big opportunity at a sponsorship. The group then all flip off Matt to end the segment.