Welcome in to special Friday night edition of AEW Dark! AEW has eight matches on the card tonight and coverage will begin at 7:00pm EST. Join is for discussion in the comments leading up to and throughout the show.

Faboo Andre & D3 vs. The Butcher & The Blade

Butcher and Blade immediately attack Andre and D3 before the bell rings. The action settles and Butcher and D3 will officially start the match. Butcher throws D3 across the ring and tags in Blade. Blade enters and lays a pair of hard right hands on D3. D3 counters with a standing dropkick and tags in Andre. Andre charges Blade, but Blade snatches him up and tags in Butcher.

Butcher enters and hits a couple of quick shots before tagging Blade back in. Blade continues working on Andre and body slams him to the mat. D3 ends up getting the tag and gets some quick offense in on Blade, but Butcher with the blind tag enters the ring and hits the Fall Death on D3 and covers him for the win.

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade

Allie w/ QT Marshall vs. Red Velvet

Allie engages in the lockup but it results in a stalemate. Second lockup attempt is futile as well. Velvet locks up again and quickly gets Allie in a side headlock. Hits the ropes and shoulder tackles Allie. Allie hits the ropes, but Velvet goes behind for a roll up attempt, but Allie kicks out at two. The two shake hands but Allie pulls her in and kicks her in the midsection. Allie then lights Velvet up in the corner, but Velvet counters and stomps away at Allie.

Allie rolls to the outside to refocus. Velvet throws her back in the ring and goes up top, but Allie thrust kicks her, knocking her off the ropes. Allie lifts Velvet up on her shoulders, but Velvet gets out of it. Knee strikes by Allie now, followed by a running knee strike and a straight bulldog. Velvet crawls to the corner and Allie follows up with a sliding forearm. Back in the middle of the ring, Allie hits a Down The Rabbit Hole for the cover and win.

Winner: Allie

Colt Cabana w/ Dark Order vs. Zack Clayton

Strong lockup starts the match and Colt backs Clayton to the corner. Colt breaks the hold and Stu Grayson chews out Cabana to be more aggressive. Cabana reengages and hits Clayton with a hammer lock takedown. Evil Uno comes down to chew Cabana out as well. Cabana with a side headlock, but Clayton sends him to the ropes and is met with a shoulder tackle. Silver and Reynolds come down, distract Cabana and Clayton tries to take advantage with a roll up. Kick out at two.

Cabana sends Clayton to the outside and it appears as if he’s flipped a switch. Colt with vicious stomps and slams Clayton’s head into the turnbuckle. Back in the ring, Colt with a pair of hard right hands that drop Clayton. Two big palm strikes by Cabana. Clayton turns it around with a rising uppercut, but Cabana regains control and hits the Chicago Skyline in the corner, then comes out with a discus lariat – shades of Brodie Lee. Cover and a victory.

Winner: Colt Cabana

After the match, Peter Avalon is seen backstage talking about The Initiative being over. He says him and Cutler are officially done and it’s time for him to make a name for himself on his own. Avalon then challenges Cutler to a match to prove he is the worst wrestler on the roster.

Ryzin & Angel Perez vs. The Lucha Bros.

Ryzin and Fenix will start things off. Ryzin gets quick control of the arm of Fenix, but Fenix counters quickly and tags in Pentagon. Amazing double team move by Lucha Bros. Pentagon with a strong chop and sends Ryzin to the corner. Pentagon eats a boot and tags in Fenix. Perez with the tag and comes in off the top. Perez showing nice athleticism with a dropkick and knee strike.

Perez comes off the top, but Fenix kicks him in the face. Fenix then hits a code red. Ryzin tries to interfere, but eats a destroyer from Pentagon. Lucha Bros hit a package piledriver for the finish.

Winners: Lucha Bros

After the match, Eddie Kingston, Butcher and Blade come to the ring. Kingston calls his shot and says the 5 of them will dominate the Casino Battle Royal and says one of them will win it.

Kilynn King vs. Ivelisse

King with the notable size advantage. Ivelisse kicks the leg of King. King engages and they trade shots before King hits a pair of deep arm drags. King showing her power. Ivelisse counters a press slam and comes off the middle rope and ground and pounds away at King. Strong kicks to the back of King now.

Quick cover and King kicks out at two. Ivelisse clubbing away at the back of King and then using her legs to stretch out King. Ivelisse follows it up with a running knee to the face. Round kick to the chest, followed by another. King catches the third and rolls her up, but to no avail. King on the offensive now with strong kicks. Release German suplex from King. King lifts Ivelisse, but Diamante distracts King allowing Ivelisse to hit a flatliner. Code red from Ivelisse will seal the win.

Winner: Ivelisse

Shawn Dean & Brandon Bullock vs. Dark Order’s Silver and Reynolds

John Silver latches on to Dean’s back, then drives the knee into Dean’s side. Reynolds gets the tag. Dean hits the enziguri and tags in Bullock. Reynolds kicks Bullock in the face and tosses Dean over the top. Back drop by Bullock. Silver tags in and power bombs Bullock on the knees of Reynolds. Huge round kick to the face by Silver. Reynolds back in and throws Bullock into the corner.

Reynolds pulls Bullock to his feet and tags in Silver. Quick stomps and tag back in for Reynolds. Nice teamwork by Dark Order. Cocky pin, but Bullock kicks out immediately. Silver with nice body kicks. Bullock finally tags in Dean who comes in on fire, taking down both members of the Dark Order. Double DDT by Dean. Covers Silver and gets a two count. Silver comes back with an uppercut and pump kick.

Bullock gets the tag and gets flapjacked and eats an uppercut. Big DDT from Silver will seal the win.

Winners: Silver and Reynolds

Brandon Cutler is shown backstage and he accepts Avalon’s challenge. He says they are not the worst wrestlers on the roster and everyone that has seen their work could see that.

Darby Allin vs. Luther

Luther takes the offense to Darby by attacking the knee and goes immediately to the outside. Aubrey Edwards gets them back in the ring and Luther continues to work the legs of Allin. Allin finally trips up Luther and goes to work on his arm. Luther gets to the ropes to break the hold. Allin charges and Luther kicks his knee. Luther with a backdrop and a pin attempt, but Allin kicks out at two.

Darby fights to his feet and comes off the ropes, but misses the backflip. Luther hits him with a reverse suplex. Luther sets Allin up in the tree of woe and hammers away at the knee. Luther tries the cannonball, but Allin sits up as Luther rolls to the outside. Coffin drop off the top to the outside takes out Luther. Back in the ring, Darby hits another Coffin Drop. Cover and 1,2,3.

Winner: Darby Allin

Natural Nightmares vs. Dark Order’s 5 & 10

10 and QT start the match and exchange some hard rights. Dustin gets the tag and attacks 10 with rights and a big clothesline. Swing and miss by 10 and Dustin drops him with a backdrop. Dustin being aggressive with more hard right hands. QT back in and gets low-bridged by 5. 5 comes off the apron with a double stomp on the back of QT. 5 rolls him into the ring, gets the tag and continues to work on QT.

10 gets the tag and hits a right elbow. Vertical suplex by 10. 5 gets the tag and hits QT with a pair of kicks. Frog splash and a pin, but QT kicks out at one. Another quick tag brings 10 back in. Spine buster by 10. Cover and a two count as Dustin makes the save. 10 lays in more right hands and tags in 5. Strong chops from 5. QT trying to make the tag but Dark Order doing a good job keeping him away.

QT flattens 5, tries to make the tag, but 10 pulls Dustin off the apron. 10 sends 5 into Dustin for an assisted DDT. Cover and a two count. 5 comes off the middle rope for a cross-body, but QT catches him and finally tags Dustin. Dustin’s on fire and lays waste to both men. Manhattan drop and a bulldog followed by his patented powerslams. 10 rolls Dustin up and gets a two count. 10 drops him with a forearm. QT with a diamond cutter on 10 while Dustin hits the Final Reckoning on 5 for the win.

Winners: Natural Nightmares