Happy Tuesday, everyone! Welcome back for another great episode of AEW Dark. We have eleven matches on the card tonight and coverage will start here at 7pm EST. Check out tonight’s card here and make sure to join in on the discussions leading up to and throughout the show!

Welcome in to the live coverage and results section of AEW Dark. We are officially under way and have Taz and Excalibur on the call.

Eddie Taurus vs. Shawn Spears

Taurus bringing 18 years of experience to his match against Spears, who has been on a roll lately. Spears teases the lockup before finally getting after it. Taurus with some nice quickness for his size, but is getting schooled with locks and takedowns by Spears. Another lock up and takedown for Spears. Taurus gets to his feet and takes Spears down with an arm drag. A third lockup now and Spears lays in a hard right hand before ramming Taurus head first into the turnbuckle and sending him to the outside.

Spears follows and sends Eddie into the barricade before rolling him back into the ring. Strong chops by Spears in the corner and he goes up top to lay in heavy left hands with that black glove. Taurus counters and tries his own heavy rights, but Spears counters and hits a C-4 for the pin and victory.

Winner: Shawn Spears

After the match, Spears loads the glove and lays in a heavy shot to the head.

Proud & Powerful vs. Faboo Andre and Ryzin

Ryzin and Santana start the first tag match of the night. Lockup gets things started and Santana sinks in a headlock and takedown. Santana allows him up to his feet and another lockup follows. Santana sent to the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle. Santana with a shotgun dropkick to Ryzin and pulls him up for his patented Guerrero-like trio of suplexes. Santana is really aggressive tonight and lays in heavy kicks to the back of Ryzin.

Ortiz takes the tag and continues to work on Ryzin. Heavy chops in the corner, but Ryzin makes the tag for Andre. Andre in and flashes some athleticism briefly before Ortiz takes control with a big lariat. Santana hits a suicide dive to Ryzin on the outside. Ortiz hits a sit-down pop-up powerbomb on Faboo Andre and gets the 1,2,3.

Winners: Proud and Powerful

Santana takes the mic after the match and calls out Best Friends for the attack last week. Santana says they are going to make quick work of Best Friends.

Allie w/ QT Marshall vs. Cassandra Golden

Golden with a noticeable size advantage in this matchup. Lockup goes nowhere and is broken up. Allie catches the kick attempt and counters with a roll up pin, but Golden kicks out. Allie hits a nice swinging neckbreaker followed by a sliding forearm to the head. Clothesline takedown by Allie. Golden gets to her feet and hits a side slam. Finally showing that power. Pin attempt and a near fall.

Cassandra lands a charging knee in the corner and pulls Allie to the middle of the ring but gets a two count. Allie back to her feet but a knee lift to the midsection stops Allie’s offense. Three clotheslines from Allie is good enough to regain control and Allie hits a bulldog. Allie follows it up with a Rabbit Hole and gets the cover for the win.

Winner: Allie

Frankie Kazarian vs. Angelico

Angelico making his singles debut with AEW in the match. A lockup will get it started and Kaz takes control of the arm and gets Angelico down to a knee. Angelico reverses, but Kaz regains control again and continues working the arm. Nice, quick counter from Angelico who flips Kaz over and gets a one count on the cover.

Back to their feet and a lockup. Angelico takes control this time, but Kaz uses the ropes for the backflip attempt to break the hold and he lands an arm drag takedown. Angelico goes behind Kaz, then back through his legs with an unorthodox submission attempt. Kaz gets to the ropes to break the hold and gets a quick roll up and two count. Kaz with a backslide attempt and another two count. Kaz going for the charge on Angelico but he gets in the corner and ducks under the ropes for a break.

Hard right hand and cheap shot from Angelico is good enough to regain control. Angelico sinks in an octopus submission hold and transitions into another submission. Kaz hits the ropes and goes behind for a schoolboy attempt and another two count. The two go back and forth exchanging shots before Kaz gets backed down into the corner. Kaz fires back with a string of offensive shots.

Angelico positions Kaz on the top rope and goes for a Razor’s Edge attempt, but Kaz counters and lands the reverse DDT for the victory.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Tony Schiavone is on stage and introduces Brandi Rhodes. Tony mentions the Nightmare Sisters losing in the tag team tournament and the attack from the Dark Order. She says she is appalled by Anna Jay‘s actions. She says she’s much smarter than Anna Jay, but gives her credit for being bold. She says if you take aim at the Queen, then you better not miss and calls out Anna for a match.

Gunn Club vs. Donnie Primetime and Ryan Rembrandt

Billy and Ryan will start the match off. Billy takes control early with a side headlock takedown and works the head and neck of Rembrandt. Ryan back to his feet, but Billy makes the tag to Austin. Ryan with a hard right and Austin is sent to the corner and goes over the tope of a charging Rembrandt. Billy back in but quickly tags Austin in again. Rembrandt with a snap mare and elbows to the chest of Austin Gunn. Quick cover and one count.

Primetime in now and eats a pair of hard right hands. Donnie takes Austin down and then sends him to the corner. Austin comes out of the corner with a back elbow and tags Billy. Billy comes in on fire and takes out both member of the opposition. Austin gets the tag and comes in and hits the Quick Draw for the win.

Winners: Gunn Club

After the match, Gunn Club let it be known they are 6-0.

Abadon vs. Dani Jordyn

Dani is reluctant to get in the ring and mix it up with The Living Dead Girl. Abadon gets a handful of hair and backs Dani into the corner. Jordyn counters and sends Abadon to the corner, but she puts on the breaks and hits a massive clothesline. Abadon crawls to Dani and tries to remove her knee brace before she lays in clubbing blows to the recovering knee.

Dani kicks her off momentarily, but Abadon lifts her up and slams the knee to the mat two times in a row. Dani crawls to the corner and gets to her feet. Abadon wrenching the knee over the middle rope. Abadon sends her to the opposing corner but Dani collapses mid-ring. Abadon goes for the knee again, but is kicked away and Dani lands a clothesline.

Abadon sits up and goes back on the offensive to the injured knee. Abadon goes to the outside and stalks Jordyn before driving her face first into the apron. Abadon uses the bottom rope to wrench that knee some more. Back in the middle of the ring, Abadon sinks in a submission to the knee and lays in heavy right hands to the knee. Dani submits.

Winner: Abadon

Ricky Starks vs. Tony Donatti

Starks is quietly boasting a 5-1 record entering the match. Starks fakes the handshake and taunts Tony before backing him into the corner. Donatti shoves Starks away and goes for a quick pin, but Starks immediately kicks out. Donatti reverses a suplex and rolls up Ricky for another quick pin attempt. Starks sends him over the ropes, pursues and throws him back to the ring. Stomps the chest and picks him up for a slam.

Starks lets him get up to his feet and then sends him to the corner. Missile dropkick off the top from Starks. Donatti is rattled and struggles to his feet. Starks charges into the corner, but Donatti hits an elbow counter. Inside cradle from Tony is no good. Starks follows up with a Roshambeaux for the win.

Winner: Ricky Starks

Jurassic Express vs. Jon Cruz and David Ali

Luchasaurus and Jon Cruz will start this one off. Cruz with the quick go-behind and side headlock attempt on Luchasaurus. The big man shows the power and sends Cruz to the ropes. Cruz with a big boot and follows it up with a cross body attempt but Luchasaurus throws him across the ring. Ali gets the tag and Luchasaurus lays in strong chops in the corner followed by spin kicks.

Jungle Boy in and sends Ali to the corner. Jungle Boy with a step-up ‘rana. Pulls Ali to his feet and comes off the ropes with his arm drag takedown. Luchasaurus takes the tag and lands a tail whip. Pin attempt and Cruz breaks up the cover. Luchasaurus with heavy rights to Ali’s face before landing a massive suplex. Chokeslam attempt is countered by Ali. Cruz with the tag comes off the top with a double-axe handle. Luchasaurus fights off the double team with sledge shots and kicks.

Jungle Boy with the tag, Luchasaurus hits a chokeslam on Ali and they hit Cruz with their assisted cutter finisher for the 1,2,3.

Winners: Jurassic Express

Anna Jay vs. Red Velvet

Anna starts the match with a hard kick to Velvet’s midsection. Anna with a beautiful leg whip into the corner. Red Velvet counters with one of her own and goes on the offensive with body shots to Anna Jay. Anna reverses and sends Velvet into the corner. Velvet counters with a takedown and gets a two count.

Velvet hits the ropes but Anna Jay hits a raised knee, mounts her and lands hard rights to the head of Velvet. Anna Jay backs Velvet into the corner and lays in some stomps. Snap suplex from Anna, who hits the ropes and lands a flipping neckbreaker. The two ladies are teeing off on one another before Velvet hits two clotheslines. Double knee strike to the back of Anna on the middle rope gets a near fall.

Anna gets to her feet and hits a spinning back kick. The two ladies get to the outside and Anna is showing some aggressiveness by sending Velvet into the barricades. Back in the ring now, Anna hits a couple of curb stomps and follows it up with a rear naked choke that puts Velvet to sleep.

Winner: Anna Jay

Shawn Dean vs. Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford

Kip is rocking a crop top and plugging his Twitch channel. Kip with a leg sweep to get things going. The two guys exchange some offense before Kip gets control. Dean follows back with some hard elbow strikes. He charges into Kip, but is met with a high knee. Sabian spends too much time taunting and allows Dean to get back into it.

Dean hits his around the world DDT and gets a two count. Kip counters the double underhooks and hits a knee strike. Kip with a twisting neckbreaker off the top rope, goes for the cover and gets the three count.

Winner: Kip Sabian

Private Party vs. The Initiative

Brandon Cutler and Marq Quen will get things going. Both guys hit the ropes and Avalon blind tags in. The Initiative with some nice teamwork appear to be looking great. Kassidy gets the tag and Private Party get going on their move set as well. After some quick action, we get settled back in to Kassidy and Cutler as the legal men in the ring.

Quen gets the tag after a big backdrop. Avalon gets the tag and comes off the top with a cross body and a clothesline before hitting a suicide dive to the outside on Quen. Avalon is on fire! Up top and hits a moonsault on Kassidy. Cutler back in and Kassidy gets sent over the top but tags in Quen. Cutler hits a big move but Kassidy blind tags in, Cutler hits a 450 and covers the illegal Quen. Kassidy takes advantage and rolls up Cutler for the win.

Winners: Private Party

After the match, Avalon snaps and attacks Cutler. Avalon picks up Cutler’s dodecahedron and clubs him over the head and leaves him laying in the middle of the ring.

That’s it for another loaded episode of Dark. Keep the discussion going and we’ll see you back next Tuesday!