Happy Tuesday, everyone! All Elite Wrestling has a stacked card for AEW Dark tonight and we have your coverage right here starting at 7pm EST. Make sure to share your thoughts in the comment section leading up to and throughout the show!

Welcome in to our live coverage, results and discussion thread for AEW Dark! Tonight’s card is sure to deliver and the action is set to get under way with Veda Scott, Taz and Tony Schiavone on the call. TH2 vs. Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss is announced as the main event for the evening.

Storm Thomas & Demetri Jackson vs. Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy

Storm Thomas and Chuck Taylor start the match with a show of strengths. Chuck lands an enziguri and goes for a sunset flip, but no go. Storm tags in Jackson while Trent takes the tag for Best Friends. Trent lands a kick to the stomach and backs Jackson to the corner before laying in hard chops. Jackson whipped into the corner and dodges a charging Trent, but Trent follows up with a running knee. Jackson rolls to the edge of the apron and Trent brings him in with a nasty looking suplex.

Chuck gets the tag and goes to work stomping away on Jackson in the corner. Jackson avoids a charging chuck and gets some quick offense in. Storm with the blind tag and lands a big clothesline on Chuck. Announcers really selling the power of Storm Thomas. Jackson gets the tag again and Chuck makes it over to tag in Trent. Trent with a couple of big forearm shots to Jackson and lands a huge lariat. Storm comes in to interfere but gets taken out and Trent lands a tornado DDT before landing a suicide dive to the outside on Storm and follows it up with a spear on the outside to Jackson.

Back in the ring, Trent with a running knee to Jackson and tags in Chuck. Package piledriver on Jackson from Trent, followed up by another from Chuck. Chuck with the pin and the 1,2,3.

Winners: Best Friends

After the match, Orange Cassidy and Best Friends celebrate with a hug.

Jessy Sorensen vs. Shawn Spears

Announcers plugging the black glove of Spears ahead of the match. Spears teases a couple of lock ups before going behind and taking Jessy down with a headlock. The two get back to their feet and Jessy gets Spears in a headlock of his own before Spears sends him to the ropes and takes him down. Spears working on the left arm now, but Sorensen reverses and takes Spears down to a knee.

Shawn back up and backs him into the corner before landing chops. Sorensen turns it around with a couple of nice dropkicks. Spears rolls out of the ring to consult with Tully and regroup. Back in the ring, baits Sorensen in and lands a kick to the stomach. Jessy reverses and sends Spears to the corner and lands chops of his own. Spears reverses and hits a kick to the head and goes on the offensive. Sorensen rolls to the outside holding his neck.

Spears follows and tries to stomp Sorensen on the steps, but Jessy moves and Spears lands a backdrop on the apron instead before getting back in the ring. Jessy fights back momentarily and gets a quick two count. Spears backed into the corner now and beaten down to his knees. Sorensen goes up top but Spears counters and lands a Death Valley Driver and gets the win.

Winner: Shawn Spears

After the match, Tully sends in a foreign object that Spears slides into his black glove. Pulls Sorensen to a sitting position and lands a hard shot to the back of the head/neck area.

Red Velvet vs. Mel

Red Velvet showing her charisma ahead of the match and the announcers doing a nice job plugging her athleticism and personality despite her 0-3 record. On the flip side, announcers hyping up the intimidation factor of Mel.

Velvet is avoiding the lockup with Mel and trying to dodge the attack. Velvet manages to rock Mel with a couple of hard rights and kicks to the legs of the much larger Mel. Hits the ropes and gives Mel the opportunity to snatch her up and drop her with a side slam. Mel on the offensive now, throwing Velvet around the ring and slamming her head into the mat. Mel goes for a chokeslam, but Velvet counters and stuns Mel. Velvet goes up top but Mel catches her and lands a modified chokeslam, gets the cover and the three count.

Winner: Mel

Video package of Brandi Rhodes is playing where she plugs AEW Heels and discusses the importance of the women feeling heard and like they matter.

D3 vs. Lance Archer

Archer makes his way to the ring tossing around a larger random person and immediately goes on to assault D3. D3 gets whipped to the corner and instantly falls to the mat. Archer begs D3 to hit him and gets two shots before laying waste to the much smaller D3. Archer choking him on the ropes now and Aubrey Edwards breaks it up with the count. Huge chokeslam and a cover, but Archer pulls him up before Edwards could count to three.

Archer pulls him to his feet and lands a coast-to-coast hard shot. D3 fighting back now and goes for a moonsault from the top but Archer moves. Archer lifts him up and hits the Black Out, followed by repeated head slams to the mat and finally goes for the cover and victory.

Winner: Lance Archer

Luther and Serptentico vs. The Initiative

Luther and Serpentico immediately attack Cutler and Avalon. Luther and Avalon will officially start the match. Avalon showing quickness avoiding Luther, but Luther catches him with a big boot off the ropes and tags in Serpentico. Avalon avoids the double team and tags in Cutler. Cutler and Serpentico showing their quickness trading moves off the ropes, before Serpentico takes over with a standing ‘rana.

Avalon back in, hits a slam and gets a quick two count. Serpentico back to his feet and sends Avalon into the ropes. Cutler with a blind tag. Serpentico has Cutler trapped in the corner and goes to work stretching him out. Luther in and body slams Serpentico on top of Cutler three times. Luther with the cover but it’s a two count. Luther pulls Cutler up and tags in Serpentico. These two are working together surprisingly well. Serpentico with a slam and cover, but Cutler kicks out.

Luther with the quick tag back in and goes to work on Cutler. Serpentico with the tag back in, but Cutler avoids the double team and tags in Avalon who lays waste to both guys. Serpentico lands a kick to the stomach but Avalon comes out with a lariat and a pump handle powerbomb. Cover and a kick out at two. Luther with the tag and drops Serpentico on Avalon. Cutler comes in to help but is take out by Luther, who stomps him in the corner.

Avalon with a quick roll up pin and almost steals the victory. Serpentico with the tag and comes in with the stomp off the top rope. Serpentico charges into the corner, but Avalon gets his foot up. Avalon takes out both Serpentico and Luther and Cutler tags himself in. Nice double team maneuver and a cover, but Luther makes the save at two. Avalon tries to hit Serpentico with a book, but misses and hits Cutler. Serpentico hits Cutler with a move off the top and Luther takes the cover for the 1,2,3.

Winners: Luther and Serpentico

Video package is playing hyping the Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho Mimosa Mayhem match.

Nyla Rose w/ Vickie vs. Kilynn King

Once again, announce team hyping up the really solid King despite her record. In for a tall challenge tonight against the Native Beast, though.

A lockup will start things off and Nyla quickly backs King into the corner. Count will break it up, but Rose lands a hard right. King comes out of the corner with a round kick to Nyla’s head. Nyla charges in the corner but King dodges it and comes over the rope for a sunset flip attempt, but Nyla doesn’t go down. King to the outside and Nyla follows. King with a cross body attempt, but Rose catches her and runs her into the ring post.

Rose bends King around the ring post. Ref breaks it up, but Rose goes back for more and King reverses and pulls Nyla face first into the post. Back in the ring, Rose hits a big spine buster. Cover and a two count. King avoids a chokeslam, lands a couple hard rights before Rose hoists her up. King again counters and goes for a couple of quick pin attempts. King with a crucifix and another near fall.

Really nice showing for King. She goes up top, but Vickie shoves her off and Rose catches her and hits a sit-down powerbomb. Cover and a three count for the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose

After the match, Nyla throws King out of the ring and Vickie picks up the microphone. She claims she loves victories and that everyone should feel lucky to witness such greatness and success. She says tonight they celebrate victory and names themselves the Vicious Vixens and dares anybody from the locker room to step up.

Frank Stone & Baron Black vs. Gunn Club

Austin and Baron Black will start things off. Black with a headlock takedown. Hits the ropes and takes him down with a headlock again. Austin reverses with a headlock of his own. Gunn dodges the charge into the corner and takes Black down with a dropkick to the knees. Billy takes the tag. Double Russian leg sweep from the Gunn Club. Quick cover and a kickout. Billy working the arm of Black and tags Austin back in. Austin working the arm some more. Black with kick to the stomach breaks the hold and tags in Frank Stone.

Stone shoots Austin into the ropes and plants him with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Black tagged back in and goes to work on Austin in the corner. Quick cover and another near fall. Stone back in and the big man showing his strength working Austin over and planting him with a suplex. Cover and kickout again. Black back in and he plants Austin with a suplex. Stone tags back in, as does Billy.

Stone splashes Billy into the corner. Austin and Black get the tags again and Austin hits his arm drag/cutter and gets the win.

Winners: Gunn Club

Heather Monroe vs. Penelope Ford

Penelope goes to work wrenching on the arm of Monroe and sinks in an arm drag takedown. They hit the ropes and Monroe takes her down with an arm drag of her own. Penelope with a strike attempt, but Monroe catches it and hits a hard chop before hitting the top rope, arm drag takedown. Monroe charges and Ford trips her up, sending her face first into the turnbuckle.

Ford lifts her to her feet. Monroe goes for a kick to the midsection, but Ford catches it and throws her to the mat. Ford backs her into the corner and drags Monroe’s face along the top rope and stomps her in the corner. Back to the middle of the ring, Ford going for a move but Monroe rolls her up and gets a two count. Another quick attempt and near fall. Monroe with a backbreaker on Ford, another cover and near fall.

Ford regains control and send her head first into the turnbuckle and hits the back handspring splash in the corner. Fisherman suplex into the cover is good enough to get the three count.

Winner: Penelope Ford

Proud & Powerful vs. Metro Brothers

Metro Brothers making their AEW debut out of Coney Island. Ortiz and Chris will start it off. Lots of trash talk right out of the gate. Ortiz working the arm and head. Nice headlock from Chris takes down Ortiz. Ortiz with a big uppercut and the two begin trading hard rights. Ortiz sent to the ropes and comes back with a step up kick to the head takes down the big man. Santana with the tag and comes in with a huge lariat and kick to the spine.

Santana pulls him up and lands a series of Guerrero-like suplexes. Chris tries to fight his way to his feet. Ortiz with the tag and hits a DDT. Ortiz allows Chris to make the tag and JC makes his first appearance in the ring. JC with a quick attack to Ortiz, but Ortiz quickly regains control and tags in Santana. JC up top goes for a hurricanrana but Santana catches him and plants him with a powerbomb.

Ortiz with the quick tag back in. Sit-down powerbomb and kick to the face is good for the 1,2,3.

Winners: Proud & Powerful

After the match, Best Friends come in and attack Santana and Ortiz. The action spills to the outside and they fight their way through the stands and into the parking lot of Daily’s Place.

Shawn Dean vs. Ricky Starks

A lockup will start it off. Dean is sent to the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle on Starks. Back to the ropes and Dean takes Starks down with a side headlock. Dean continues to work the head of Starks, but Ricky backs him into the corner and hits a loud chop. Starks sent to the opposite corner and Dean hits him with a body slam. Starks counters Dean with a big knee to the head.

Starks punks Dean out with paintbrush slaps. Pulls him to his feet and sends him to the ropes to eat a back elbow. Pin and a near fall. Dean fights back to his feet, but Starks regains control. Dean sent to the ropes and hits a back elbow of his own. Big kick to Starks’ head and quick cover. Starks kicks out at one. Dean clubbing away at the back of Starks, but Starks quickly hits the Roshambo for the finish.

Winner: Ricky Starks

Jake Hager vs. Marko Stunt

Marko tries to lock up with Hager, but gets thrown to the mat. Hager gets down on one knee and begs Stunt to hit him. Stunt tries to sink in a side headlock and Hager throws him across the ring. Hager tells him he doesn’t belong in the ring with him and tells him to get out of the ring while holding the rope down for him. Stunt kicks the ropes to rack Hager.

Marko with the speed dodging the pursuing Hager. A frustrated Hager backs Stunt into the corner and lands body shots before throwing him across the ring again. Marko lands awkwardly and Hager drives a knee into Stunt’s chest. Stunt gets back to his feet and charges Hager, but is planted with a big boot. Hager toys with him for a minute and press slams him and sinks in his finishing side choke. Ref stops it for the win.

Winner: Jake Hager

After the match, Hager goes to attack Stunt some more. Luchasaurus comes out for the save and pleads with Hager not to do it. Hager then drives the knee to Stunt’s face and leaves the ring before Luchasaurus can get in the ring.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Kip Sabian

Kaz backs Sabian into the corner. Ref breaks it up and resets the action. Kip takes control with a takedown. Kaz back to his feet and goes in for a hammerlock. Kip reverses with a drop toehold. Kaz back to his feet quickly and hits the ropes. Shoulder tackle and Kaz sinks in a headlock. Kip fights out of it, but put straight back down. Kip rolls out of it again and reverses the armbar with a flip off the ropes.

Kaz continues to work the arm of Sabian as Kip continues trying to fight him off and finally pokes Kaz in the eye. Kaz hits the ropes and tackles Sabian again. Kaz with a nice dropkick. Hits the ropes again, but Penelope trips him up. Kip sends Kaz to the outside and follows it up with a kick to the face. Kip rolls Kaz back in the ring and stomps away at the chest of Kazarian. Franky whipped hard into the corner and Sabian follows with stomps to the chest.

Sabian wasting time taunting allows Frankie to get back in the game. Kip with a forward roll has Kaz tied up. Frankie inches his way to the rope for the break, but Kip holds it as long as he can. Kip with a rising knee to the face of Kaz and goes for a follow up kick to the chest, but Kaz ducks it and comes back with a flying forearm. Kaz follows Kip to the corner and slams him down. Cover and a near fall.

Kip sets Kaz up on the ropes. Kaz counters but both men are locked up on the apron. Kip takes control and sends Kaz back in the ring. Kip comes off the top and Kaz lands a hard right and hits him with a cutter. Cover for the 1,2…but Ford pulls Sabian’s leg on the rope to break it up. Kip fires back with a knee to the head and goes up top. Attempts the double stomp but misses. Kaz with a Scorpion Death Drop and the cover for the win.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Video package plays hyping MJF vs. Mox at All Out.

TH2 vs. Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss

Main event time! Janela and Kiss with a surprising 7-1 record entering the matchup. Kiss and Evans will start the match and each one showing off their athleticism with a series of flips and counters. Janela with the tag and comes off the top with a sledge. Janela with a hammerlock, but Evans easily flips and counters. Evans goes on the offensive with a series of hard right hands. Angelico gets the tag and goes to work on Janela’s arm.

Angelico with a cover and one count. Janela bounces back with a hard right and backs Angelico into the corner. Kiss with the tag. Double team hip toss. Janela with a running kick before he exits, Kiss with the cover and a two count. Evans gets the tag and takes out Kiss. Snap suplex, cover and a two count. Kiss sent face first into the turnbuckle. Angelico with the tag enters and stomps away at Kiss.

Janela reaching for a tag, but Angelico is keeping Kiss away. Angelico has Kiss tied up, but Janela enters and stomps away at Angelico to break it up. Kiss back to his feet and lays out Angelico with a clothesline. Evans gets the tag and keeps Kiss away from making the tag. Evans with a cocky cover, but only gets a two. Angelico back in now and charges Kiss in the corner. Kiss counters and lays him out with a kick.

Janela finally with the hot tag. Evans in as the legal man now and Janela comes off the top to stop him. Janela lands a realease German suplex and sends Evans into Angelico and DDT’s them both. Cover and a two count. Kiss with the blind tag and flips over the rope with a double stomp to Evans. On the outside, Angelico sends Janela face first to the post. Kiss takes out Angelico with a moonsault and sends Evans back in the ring. Beautiful 450-splash onto Evans. Cover and a near fall.

Kiss goes back up top, but Angelico knocks him off. Evans with a modified backslide bridge pin for the win.

Winners: TH2