Arn Anderson recently went live on his YouTube channel for a special “Ask Arn Anything” session and addressed who he would put in his own Hall Of Fame. He also revealed which city he would hold the ceremony in.

“I don’t want to insult anyone’s city because the world has been good to the wrestling industry and I’m grateful for that,” Arn said. “I thank you on behalf of all of us companies big and small, but I would say the one that my experience has been with, that has been faithful to us throughout history and to large companies, small companies, big events, small events, a new guy in town, no matter what, it’s probably Chicago. I would put your Hall of Fame there because it’s in the middle of the country and those d–n fans have earned it. So, they get the actual physical site.

“I don’t think you can begin a Hall of Fame unless you put Bruno [Sammartino] in there; I would think [he is] number one,” Arn continued. “I think you got to have Flair and Hogan just for who they are and what they contributed. Dusty Rhodes. I think you got to put Ricky Steamboat in there. Just for as hot as he was and probably is, and I think the business has never been hotter than when he was at his best, I think you got to put Steve Austin in there. Got to put Andre The Giant – there’s only one giant.”

Arn went on to praise Rey Mysterio and give him a spot in this Hall Of Fame scenario for being able to change the business and open the door for smaller wrestlers to get a chance to prove they can be main eventers.

“Just for his commitment to excellence in his leadership role, and the fact that the guy’s just willing to put his body out there and do whatever he can to make the product better, and the overall respect he has from everyone that’s ever been in the room with him – got to put Undertaker in there,” Arn added.

“For the longest time, most people, myself included, had a vision in their mind of what a professional wrestler is supposed to look like and if he didn’t look like that, he couldn’t have been one of the top guys, and I think the first guy to truly wake you up to the fact that you didn’t have to be 6’5 and 270 to be successful and over in this business and you just had to be able to perform – I think Rey Mysterio was the first guy that woke you up to the fact that ‘you know what, this guy doesn’t have a chance at the bell’. Rey never ran over anybody. Rey chopped everybody down a piece at a time and at the end of the night, you bought it because of the way he did it. I think Rey set the standard and opened the door for smaller guys to have a very prominent place in the industry and be incredible in everything they do, and it wasn’t about size, it was about quality.”

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.