Multi-time WWE Hall Of Famer and six time WWE Champion, Booker T, recently spoke on his Hall Of Fame podcast about Brock Lesnar no longer being under contract with WWE. Booker made reference to the era in which he came in while giving support to Lesnar for deciding to step away from the business.

“Sometimes you just got to step away from the game and refresh,” Booker said. “This is my take on it: Brock Lesnar has done so much in WWE. You have to understand the era that Brock comes from. He comes from the era where he was under the learning tree of Undertaker and guys like Stone Cold Steve Austin. I got a chance to put in a little work with Brock in his earlier days myself.

“I think Brock looks at the roster now totally different than he did back then,” Booker continued. “Just imagine the difference if Brock would have come along in this era as opposed to that era. Can you imagine that? Brock would have killed everybody and had a run like Goldberg had back in WCW. There’s just very few guys that you can actually believe could beat up Brock Lesnar. No disrespect to anybody out there, but even in my era there were very few people that you thought could go take him.”

Lesnar’s contract and schedule have been discussed regularly since his return to the company. Booker T’s co-host, Brad Gilmore, mentioned that he’s not sure if anybody in the history of the industry who has made more money per appearance than Lesnar, as he’s been able to make millions of dollars on an extremely limited schedule. Part of the reason he has been so successful in negotiations, according to Gilmore, is that he always has the trump card of reverting back to UFC.

“Speaking of that UFC thing,” Booker began, “that heavyweight division is really thin. This really is a perfect time for him to use that and say, ‘Hey, let me go back and make some of that money over here.’ Just to keep it real, you know UFC is looking for a Brock Lesnar type of attraction right now.”

The question being brought up now is if Lesnar really wants to do that at age 42. Gilmore went on to mention that one thing different this time around in terms of contract negotiations with Lesnar is that AEW is an option. Booker replied by stating he believes there is no way Vince McMahon would allow AEW to steal Lesnar.

“I don’t think that’s something the WWE will let happen,” Booker said. “Brock Lesnar is not a guy we can lose to AEW. I don’t see that happening. Could it happen? Of course it could. When the money is right, anything can happen.”

Khan recently was asked about interest in Lesnar, but refused to comment on the situation.

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