For the past few months, Chris Jericho has been involved in a feud with the unlikeliest of people in Orange Cassidy. Jericho usually feuds with other main eventers like Jon Moxley or Kenny Omega, so to see him and Cassidy lock up on multiple occasions shows the range that a performer like Jericho has.

Jericho was recently asked if he normally books the end of programs first and then works back towards the beginning of them in regards to the Mimosa Mayhem match during an interview with Sports Illustrated.

“No, but that’s the thing about wrestling is you have to go with the flow. I did have some idea that we would go a couple months at least, but there was also the Mike Tyson aspect. We were negotiating and trying to figure something out with him, and we still are. It didn’t happen in the timeframe I envisioned. That’s why, after me and Orange Cassidy did the first match, there was no reason to end it.

“So, let’s do a second match. That was originally going to be some kind of gimmick match, so to speak. Then the Tyson thing got pushed back again, so we decided to do the second match and have the rubber match at the pay-per-view if needed,” said Jericho.

“That’s what we did, so we needed to figure out what kind of gimmick match to do. I was thinking about a Last Man Standing, and that would have been fine, but Tony Khan and I had been laughing about mimosas. There’s something unique and special about Orange Cassidy and Chris Jericho: orange juice and champagne. It made me think of those FMW [Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling] exploding-barb-wire matches, where you get thrown into the exploding barb wire, but this is getting thrown into a tank filled with mimosa. Then I thought of coffin matches, where if you get thrown in, you’re out. So, that led to thinking about losing this match if you get thrown into a tank of mimosa.”

The Mimosa Mayhem match was the first of its kind, and as the name suggests, it involved mimosas. The only way to win was via pinfall, submission or throwing your opponent into a tank of mimosa. While this was a gimmick match and Cassidy is a lighthearted character, Jericho still wanted there to be a level of seriousness involved.

“This is like a ladder match. It’s not about taking the title or the briefcase off the ladder. It is about the drama of climbing the ladder, or in this case, the drama of almost getting thrown into the mimosa yet surviving. It’s like the old Shawn Michaels skin-the-cat over-the-top-rope in the Royal Rumble. There are a million things we can do, and I plan on making sure we do a very smart, entertaining, fun match. That is the perfect way to blow off Cassidy-Jericho after 14 weeks,” stated Jericho.

On Aug. 31, Brock Lesnar was revealed as a free agent, and there has been natural speculation that he could end up in AEW. Tony Khan declined to comment on Lesnar’s status as a free agent, but Jericho was also asked if “The Beast” would be a good fit in AEW.

“I don’t know if Brock fits the whole AEW idea or attitude,” admitted Jericho. “That’s a Tony Khan decision and a Brock decision. Do I think Brock does this every few years just to up his price with Vince? Of course he does. He’s a genius when it comes to that. But hey, if he showed up in AEW, I’d be happy to go up against him and do the match we were supposed to do in April of 2018 in WWE that Vince changed. We’ve never had a match on TV or pay-per-view, ever. If it came about, I’d be happy to go up and smack him in his fat face.”