On the Friday episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, Nick Hausman and co-host Christy Olson discussed the big news of the day including AEW’s victory over WWE NXT in the ratings. The two later touched on a report regarding Being The Elite episode 221’s cold open featuring Eddie Kingston cutting a promo on a cookie.

The report said that the segment was mocking WWE’s promo classes where wrestlers are given a prop and asked to cut an impromptu promo. Olson, along with being a journalist and a podcast host, was a former backstage interviewer in NXT. She spoke from her experience of sitting in promo classes disputing the report that wrestlers were ever handed props and asked to cut impromptu promos on them.

“I could tell within about a nanosecond of that scene that they were mocking promo class,” Olson said. “That’s just another one of those educated guesses. I don’t think we need to attribute the source in that case because there is no source is my guess.”

“You were there,” Hausman noted. “You’re our source.”

“I was there,” Olson continued. “As someone who sat through probably 150 promo classes, I never saw anybody once get handed a prop and asked to cut an impromptu promo on it. I heard back in the day, that was part of the audition process for the announcers and stuff, but as of 2020, they don’t freaking do that. Come on. They’re not getting the promos that they’re getting out of people by training them in this way. That’s a little base. We know that.”

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