Drew McIntyre spoke with ViBe Wrestling and discussed his thoughts on the number of championships in WWE at the moment. McIntyre said he feels like there’s a good balance between the 15 championships throughout all brands but does want to face Roman Reigns in a title vs. title match to unify the belts and have one dominant champion.

“I think we’ve got good balance with the titles on every show,” McIntyre said. “Every show has like how the Intercontinental title or the US title that leads into the heavyweight title. Obviously our females are represented with their titles and the tag teams, so we’re pretty good title wise. If I was to have another one, I’d like to have a super match between myself and Roman Reigns and his Universal Championship and have one dominant champion.”

“That’d be a heck of a match,” McIntyre added. “He’s been on top for so long and been gone for a bit, but returned with a new attitude and new look. He’s a lot bigger and badder than he ever was. He’s still a marquee player and I’m at a point where I’m trying to prove myself to be of that caliber and if we could have that title vs. title match that would be about as big as it gets.”

McIntyre has been in the ring with many of the biggest names in the sport. He went on to say he’s not intimidated by anyone, but The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar’s presence in the ring are certainly a sight to behold.

“I guess people could say guys are intimidating in their own ways, but when I’m out there I’m in the zone,” McIntyre said. “I don’t really get intimidated by anyone. That includes guys like Randy Orton who has been at it for a very long time and is operating in a different Stratosphere right now. That includes legends like The Undertaker and nobody has a presence like him. I’ve been in the ring when he’s done his entrance a few times and there’s nothing quite like it. Then there’s a guy like Brock Lesnar who is just an impressive athlete. He just wanted to try UFC and became a two-time champion. He’s a different kind of animal. If you watch the camera, though, I don’t blink when I’m going face to face with any of them.”

McIntyre later revealed that he has talked to Triple H multiple times about working in NXT and NXT UK. He went on to say that he would love to face NXT UK‘s Walter.

“I bother Triple H all the time, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that bothers him, but I do all the time trying to convince him to let me show up in NXT,” McIntyre revealed. “NXT in America or in UK, but with the way things are in the world right now, [UK] is not possible. I think my latest line right now has been, ‘Ok, I’m the WWE Champion, what else is there for me to do?’ I’d love to show up over there and face Walter. I think that would be something really cool and especially when fans get back in the building.”

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