On the special 700th episode of the Talk Is Jericho podcast, Chis Jericho reunited with his friends at Talk’N Shop, Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson and Rocky Romero. Anderson brought up the initial heat he and Gallows had with Jericho over them re-signing with WWE, but Jericho noted that it wasn’t heat. It was more that they just never had a chance to talk and sit down. Anderson and Gallows also discuss the “signer’s remorse” they felt re-signing with WWE.

“Chris Jericho, thank you for allowing us this platform as usual, and I’m so glad that the heat has subsided between us with us deciding to re-sign with WWE,” Anderson said. “As friends you can bring that stuff up.”

“It’s one of those things too,” Jericho added. “It wasn’t even heat. It was just more of like typical brothers just not talking, and then if you don’t talk for a week and then it goes a month and it becomes six months. It’s that same thing that Slash and Axl [Rose] used to have because they didn’t talk for so long, and everyone else was talking. They were just like, ‘f–k you. F–k him.’ Then they talked like three minutes later. It was like, ‘well, that was a waste of a year. Wish I had that back.'”

“Well, like we’ve said before, we clearly made the wrong decision with re-signing with WWE,” Anderson stated. “And it’s nice to get that out there on Talk Is Jericho’s platform because that’s just something that ate at us for a while.

“But here’s the thing, you didn’t know that at the time,” Jericho said. “You didn’t know.”

“Yeah, but with that said Chris though, we did know, and we did know deep inside,” Anderson admitted. “And we just we made the wrong decision.”

“Well, we had signer’s remorse. We said that from the get-go,” Gallows also admitted.

Also, on the podcast, Gallows, as Sex Ferguson, broke news that Talk’N Shop A Mania 2 will likely happen on November 13th, however it is not official. The last Talk’N Shop A Mania was headlined with “The Boneryard Match”, and Ferguson issued a “Ball For A Ball Match” to Chad 2 Badd, a play on the “Eye For An Eye Match” WWE did recently with Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio. However, Anderson and Romero did not expect this announcement from Ferguson.

“Well, tell them this, Friday November 13, Talk’N Shop A Mania 2. I’m announcing it live right here on Talk’N Shop via Talk Is Jericho,” Ferguson revealed. “I’m coming for you 2 Badd. It ain’t gonna be an Eye For An Eye. It’s gonna be a Ball For A Ball match. Bury me alive, I’m gonna rip your f–king nutsack off.”

“I ain’t selling that s–t,” Anderson responded. “Really? You going all the way with a date huh? We’re breaking it all and going ahead with the announcement.”

Romero and Anderson noted that a date hasn’t been announced yet. Jericho noted that if the date is changed, they can always dub it in.

The first Talk’N Shop A Mania, “The Worst PPV ever”, was filmed entirely at Gallows’ house. Anderson said that Gallows wanted to do a PPV right after they were released by WWE, and Gallows explained that he saw an opportunity to make a lot of money after their releases.

“We didn’t want to do it at all, and Gallows, maybe when we got canned, right away Gallows was on us immediately for this for this PPV in his backyard, which I thought was insane,” Anderson revealed. “But, you know, you gotta understand Gallows is insane.

“It was a terrible idea, but how many guys do you see will get let go or leave somewhere or do whatever, and they get bitter, and they get mad,” Gallows noted. “And they say some bulls–t, and then it goes away.”

“You mean like me?,” Anderson asked.

“Yes, like you (laughs),” Gallows answered “What better way to f–king come back at something like that than to spoof it, parody it and make f–king six figures off of it. I think we’re goddamn geniuses for it.”

Jericho then brought up that Gallows has always been working on different things like his indie promotions but was not able to continue doing so while in WWE. Gallows currently runs Lariato Pro Wrestling Guild. However, Wrestlemerica is no longer running shows but is an LLC Company that Gallows used to file for the “Sex Ferguson” trademark. Anderson and Gallows joked about Gallows having to sell Wrestlemerica.

“But you’ve always been the hustler too,” Jericho stated. “You were always running indie shows. As a matter of fact, they made you stop running the indie shows when he signed with the fed.”

“He was always running shows about halfway through this little four year run we had in the fed,” Anderson revealed. “And well, they shut him down about halfway through because allowed to anymore.”

“So like any Good Brother would do, I just sold the promotion, and then change the name and started silently running more,” Gallows laughingly said.

“So he sold Wrestlemerica, which is something he ran,” Anderson explained. “He sold this to a man. He got the rights to the town (laughs).”

“He got a set of ring ropes, a set of steps, a bell, some belts, a ring that may or may not have been an old WCW ring. I don’t want to discuss it here,” Gallows said. “And now he’s off and running. He’s very happy.”

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