The Wrestling Inc. Daily welcomed AEW star Lance Archer onto the podcast where he and Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor discussed Archer’s debut run in AEW, which was conducted before Archer tested positive for COVID-19. Archer’s debut run featured him challenging Cody Rhodes to decide who would become the first ever TNT Champion. Rhodes won, but Archer noted that a loss does not mean he is down and out.

“Well, you know, it’s a fight. Everybody goes through ups and downs and wins and losses, bumps in the road, and I don’t let anything like that slow me down,” Archer said. “I think there’s some people out there in the wrestling world, you know, fan base and whatnot, ‘oh. you lost. You lost. You lost,’ and it’s like so what? Everybody in this business has lost. Undertaker’s lost at WrestleMania, and that was never supposed to happen, but it did.

“Brock Lesnar, the baddest man in the business, he’s lost to some of the most interesting people in the world. So to lose a match doesn’t mean the end of the world in professional wrestling and absolutely didn’t mean the end of the ‘Murderhawk Monster’ in AEW, and actually, it just focused me more to push forward, push harder and become even bigger, stronger, meaner badder and kick more ass than I ever had before.”

Archer debuted on the March 11 episode of Dynamite surprisingly being paired with WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Archer gave his thoughts on what it is like to be paired with Roberts.

“It’s been awesome. I’ve known Jake for a long time,” Archer pointed out. “I’ve known Jake when he’s had some of his not-so-good times, and I know Jake now. He’s in a very, very good place, and when Jake is in a good place, he’s one of those amazing icons and legends of the business that absolutely always wants to try to help guys. And the fact that he is my manager right now and his ability to work with me in a very direct way and help me both wrestling wise and promo wise. One of the best talkers to ever step foot in the ring is Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, and he proves it every time he steps out there and cuts a promo.

“So for me to be able to work with him on such a close nature and for him and his willingness to help me and to help others, that’s what I’m saying. He does help a lot of the next generation talent, and if they listen to him, obviously, you have to take things from his perspective which is his generation and what he did and how he did it which was extremely successful and then apply that to a 2020 mindset. And if you can do that and you’re willing to listen to that, he can help so many people out, and he does and he helps me tremendously every single time we’re around each other.”

Archer then described what the process of working on promos with Roberts is like. He said he feeds off Roberts praising him as one of the best promo people in wrestling.

“For me, it’s just kind of feeding off of him,” Archer revealed. “He’s so good, and he’s not a guy that goes, ‘OK, this is what I’m going to say. This is what I’m thinking.’ He’s very much old school. It’s like, ‘alright cool. What are the bullet points? What needs to be said. Cool, I’ve got it,’ and he goes in that direction.

“And I kind of just feed off of him like the promo that happened last night, it literally was just feeding off of him and Taz. Taz, you can’t take any credit away from Taz who steps in the ring cuts one of the best promos in the business. He always has, always intense [and] always straight to the point.

“No BS about Taz, and the fact that those two guys were in the ring and then I was able to kind of hold my own as the ‘Murderhawk Monster’, it was a really cool experience. And like I said, that’s kind of what I do and what I do with him. It’s just kind of a feeding off of his energy, where he’s going with the promo, what he’s saying in the promo and trying to kind of develop my own schtick of my own kind of delivery based on that.”

Hausman asked if Archer is afraid of snakes due to Roberts being fond of snakes especially using them in his matches in the past as well as Archer’s now. Archer said he isn’t but pointed out that Eddie Kingston is resulting in his elimination in the Casino Battle Royale at All Out.

“Me? No,” Archer stated. “Eddie Kingston is. That’s why he lost the Casino Battle Royale. No matter how much he complains and whines that he didn’t go over the top rope, his feet hit the floor because I tossed him there. They rang the bell. I’m the winner the Casino Battle Royale. He needs to shut up.”

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