Over the weekend at AEW All Out, Matt Hardy took on Sammy Guevara in a Broken Rules Match, essentially a Last Man Standing Match where Hardy would have to leave AEW, if he lost. In the early stages of the bout, Hardy and Guevara went on a raised scissor lift with Guevara spearing Hardy off of it. With two tables below them, Guevara and Hardy missed the first completely and Hardy landed hard on the concrete.

Despite Hardy laying on the ground for over 40 seconds, the match was only “paused.” Aubrey Edwards called for the “X” signal, Dr. Sampson checked out and eventually cleared Hardy to continue the match. Still very wobbly, Hardy and Guevara went to the finish of the match where they climbed a set of scaffolding, Guevara was then shoved off and didn’t answer the referee’s ten-count.

Matt was taken to the hospital, and released the next day. AEW Tony Khan provided an update on Sunday as Hardy was heading home.

“An update on Matt Hardy: it’s great news! Matt’s ok, we sent him to the hospital as a precaution & he’s passed the MRI + CT scans, he doesn’t have a concussion, and he’s being driven home now. Matt will be at Dynamite on Wednesday night to thank you amazing fans for your support!”

Hardy has since confirmed he’ll be appearing on Wednesday’s show.

“LIVE on #AEWDynamite this Wednesday, from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville…I SPEAK,” Hardy wrote on Twitter.

Since arriving home, Hardy also did a Cameo video for a fan who wasn’t feeling well, and commented a bit more about his own trip to the hospital.

“I’ve just gotten home, I was in the hospital for a couple days,” Hardy said. “I took a very bad bump and smashed myself into the concrete. Had to go for a whole bunch of tests and evaluations, and they just wouldn’t let me go. So, I was stuck in the hospital. I know you’ve been there recently, and it sucks. I’m so happy to be out and to be back home.”

Meanwhile, Matt’s wife, Reby Hardy, was understandably upset with how the whole situation was handled.

“Let me be absolutely f—ing clear,” Reby wrote on Twitter right after Matt’s rough fall. “There is NOTHING entertaining about a concussion. Shame on everyone in that goddamn building.”

Since then, Reby retweeted an article from Kayfabe News, a site that writes satirical articles about pro wrestling. The one she retweeted had the headline of “Ringside medic clears wrestler to finish match after being decapitated” after Nick Jackson kicked Kenny Omega’s head off during their match.

In another tweet, Reby posted a bunch of receipt emojis, although didn’t go into detail about what she knows. We’ll find out on Wednesday Matt has to say, below is the rest of Wednesday’s lineup:

* Kip Sabian to announce his best man for his upcoming wedding with Penelope Ford
* Brodie Lee (c) vs. Dustin Rhodes (AEW TNT Championship)
* AEW World Champion Jon Moxley will speak
* Matt Hardy to talk
* Fallout from All Out PPV