Rob Van Dam Discusses The Potential Of Working With WWE Or AEW

Rob Van Dam recently talked with Pro Wrestling Junkies and took the time during the interview to give his thoughts on promotions working together and sharing talent, such as Thunder Rosa appearing on AEW programming. RVD mentioned it's great for the business as long as both parties benefit from it, and said he believes WWE should be left alone "on the other side of the fence."


"I think it's super cool," RVD said. "Back in the territory days, they would do that. I think it's great to interchange and help the other companies out. What makes it difficult from the industry standpoint is it's hard to make a horizontal move. By that, I mean if you're a promotion on TV that everyone is talking about and you work with a local promotion in, say Fort Wayne, Indiana, then what does that do for the big promotion? Probably nothing.

"You have to be careful of that," RVD added. "WWE did something somewhat recently where Triple H showed up at some place in the UK, but it's hard for [WWE] to do anything and it not being considered a step down. I think promotions that can help each other out both ways is super cool. I kinda think that WWE should just stay on the other side of the fence and keep doing their own thing."


RVD later said that he would be open to a move back to WWE or even joining AEW as long as everything made sense. He then referenced that he's really only spent a couple of hours in the ring over the past couple of years, and that would be something to take into consideration. He also revealed he is going to be partnering with WWE on some unannounced projects.

"I do watch them from time to time, mainly to help Katie out," RVD said. "I would consider anything as far as a contract goes, as long as everything made sense. It's easy for people to think of RVD as just a wrestler, but that's just something that I do. For the last several years, my total time in the ring is probably just a couple of hours – maybe 5,10,12 matches.

"Since I've joined Impact, I've been wrestling a little more," RVD added. "I don't really look at it as, 'Oh man, I want to go here.' To be honest I look at it as, 'Man, I'm glad I get the night off'. I watch these guys all work their a–es off and I just think that I'd be so winded if I was out there. But I would consider their offers and I'm actually going to be working with WWE on a couple of projects that haven't been mentioned yet."

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