Roman Reigns Says He Would Like To Wrestle Adam Cole

During a recent Zoom call with Mania Club Roman Reigns was asked a variety of questions from fans. Reigns, the current Universal Champion, was asked what stars from NXT he would like to face off against in the future.


Reigns said Keith Lee is someone he is looking forward to facing off against, but noted how he has now been called up to the main roster. He then went on to say Adam Cole is someone he wants to compete in the ring with.

"I'd like to maybe tangle with Adam Cole, I think that would be neat," Reigns said of the NXT star. "I think we would get some really good reaction."

Reigns was quick to point out how incredible of a worker Cole is and praised his recent match against non-WWE Superstar Pat McAfee. Cole defeated the former football player at NXT Takeover: XXX in what many called a highly impressive match.

Reigns was also asked if there are any legends he would like to tangle in the ring with. After asking if the answer could be someone who has passed away, Reigns noted that he would have enjoyed squaring off with Roddy Piper in his prime.


"This is tough cause there's so many really good ones," Reigns said as he thought of who to answer. "Maybe Piper back in his day, in his prime."

Reigns pointed out that in that age of larger than life figures like Hulk Hogan, many considered Piper to be a smaller guy to work with. Reigns said his size was underestimated and something that excited him about the possible fantasy match.

"He was a bigger athlete, and he was such a good talker that people look past his size and physicality," Reigns said of the legend. "I just really enjoyed his intensity that he brought to the ring and through his performance. The times I met him and interacted with him, he was a sweetheart of a man, so I just know being able to collaborate with him and tell a story with him would have been really phenomenal."

Although Reigns did not mention him as a legend he would like to wrestle, he did say that Bret Hart was one of the people who inspired him as a child.

"Outside of the family, I think Bret Hart early on, probably when I was about your age, as a younger lad," Reigns said, replying to a young fans question of who inspired him to join WWE. "I really enjoyed his wrestling and what he brought to the ring."

Despite being inspired by family and WWE Superstars he watched as a kid, Reigns still pursued a football career. He consulted with his cousins, The Usos, on how to proceed into the world of professional wrestling.


"As I got older, talking to my cousins – once we were 21, 22, 23 years old, hearing them and their experiences kind of definitely influenced me," Reigns said. "Once I started getting in a little better shape and getting that football weight off of me, I knew, okay, I think I wanna learn to try and do this as well."

Reigns is currently set to defend his Universal Championship at Clash of Champions against his cousin, Jey.