One year ago, Sarah Schreiber joined the Red Brand as a backstage interviewer after having various roles for a year with NXT. She has an acting background and also did some work with HSN prior to WWE, and she discussed more of her pre-WWE background on Table Talk w/DVon.

“I grew up loving Broadway, and theater, and live performance in general, which can easily connect with WWE. But I usually say I did acting, entertainment, and hosting under the umbrella of performing as an actress within my morals,” stated Schreiber.

“My mom’s a retired teacher, my dad’s a retired cop, and my brother is a doctor. I grew up with a dog, and a cat, and a very supportive family. From TV, I did acting with Marvel with Agent Carter. Live TV, I did David Letterman where I ran on stage and cursed out Letterman. They scripted it, but basically right before I went on, it was supposed to be, ‘David Letterman, you’re an a-hole.’ And they changed it to ‘David Letterman, F-!’ because they’re like, ‘Aw, let’s just let this sweet girl come in’… So that was one of the wildest playing pranks of my career. I did stuff on the news with KTLA and KCAL, I did Home Shopping [Network] – that was it’s own world of interesting, unique live television.”

As a backstage interviewer, Schreiber doesn’t just interview Superstars, as she’s also involved in skits with them. She was asked which talent she connects with the most while working with them.

“I’ve now been on RAW ? I was doing RAW and SmackDown for the past two years and then RAW’s about a year. But recently, I was with Big E and Kofi, and those guys, you feed off their energy. They just roll with the punches and you just jump in. They’re a blast,” stated Schreiber before mentioning others she enjoys working with.

“Zelina Vega, she’s a blast to work with as well because you know she’s going to give you sass. You get to run with it, and it’s just fun to have people that use you because it’s a scene. Still, we’re acting in a scene, and so for me to able to be a part of it is really exciting and just fun for me to play with that. And then, KO, Kevin Owens, I worked with him this past week. We worked on something on digital and he just ate a banana the entire [time], and he’s so absurd. But he’s still brilliant in a Kevin Owens way.

“Honestly, I think I just want to keep working with everybody. I think that everybody can just do different things.”

Even though her background is more in acting and theater, Schreiber was a fan of pro wrestling growing up, and she talked about her events to watch and be a part of.

“Obviously, when I went to my first WrestleMania [34] as someone with the company ? The Undertaker entrance ? I had to FaceTime my brother and text my brother immediately. So, that was untouchable, where I was able to feel the flames in his entrance,” recalled Schreiber. “But Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, I mean, 1-2-3 Kid, Yokozuna. That was my time where Royal Rumble, no matter what, was my favorite pay-per-view. It’s just so fun and it’s nothing like the theatrics of not knowing who’s in, and then the music hits, and the full entrance.”

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.