The Miz On Recent Argument With Big E Over Kofi Kingston's WWE Championship Reign

The Miz recently conducted an interview with Steve Muehlhausen of "The Flight Club Chicago" podcast. The Miz was asked about his current controversy with fellow WWE Superstar Big E. The two recently had a war of words when discussing how Kofi Kingston has been treated since his WWE Championship loss to Brock Lesnar last year.

The Miz explained what his approach has been trying to make it in the main event scene since joining the company.

"Yeah, like my goal was to like, so from where I come from in WWE I know what the brass wants," Miz said. "I've been in the main events. I've been a WWE Champion. And in order to be that champion, I had to change. Change my outlook on everything. There's a thing like being goofy and entertaining and fun. That doesn't always put butts in seats. It allows people to look at you and go, 'Oh, this guy's fun, I can't wait to see him'. But you're not the poster child. You're not the main event caliber. You're not going for the Universal championship. And that's what it takes."

When speaking about Big E, he said that he has every opportunity to get to the next level and become champion but he is portrayed as too goofy to be taken seriously at that level.

"Big E has all the tools that is needed to be a main eventer or a Universal champion," Miz explained. "However, the way I look at him is he's very goofy, and he's very entertaining. And I don't think that's what is necessary. Now, if you watch Talking Smack episode one, Talking Smack episode two, you see Big E change from the funny haha entertaining Big E to a serious matter of fact, and this is how it's done Big E to a person to literally to a person who you watch both episodes, you look at him and you go, 'This is a main event caliber (talent). This is a person that people will pay money for to see as their Universal champion. And all it took was, you know, a question, a debate."

Miz said that this is what he enjoys about Talking Smack and why he is glad the show has returned. He said that it allows the audience to see a more authentic conversations of what is going on in a superstar's head.

"Honestly, I wish more people could have conversations like this," Miz said. "Open conversations like Big E and myself, we have these conversations. We talk about these things and put it on Talking Smack. That's what Talking Smack is all about. Getting you behind the scenes, hearing what people talk about in the locker room, what kind of discussions are happening. These are the discussions that we have. We are open and we are honest about them. And if I'm wrong, tell me I'm wrong and tell me why I'm wrong. And if you're wrong, I'm gonna say this and this is my opinion, and we're gonna listen to each other and observe and learn. And I think that's what more people need to do."

Talking Smack currently airs on Saturday mornings and is available on the free version of the WWE Network.